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Trinity School at Edgemere

3200 N. Walker Ave,
Oklahoma City, OK 73118




Trinity is the only school in the Oklahoma City metro solely dedicated to educating students with diagnosed learning differences such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia. Trinity also serves students with auditory and sensory processing issues, anxiety and developmental or intellectual delays.

Trinity recognizes how unique each learner is and designs its programs and instruction utilizing the latest assistive technology and evidence-based teaching methods. Students receive accommodations and modifications in their classrooms. Their licensed professional counselor with over a decade of hands-on experience in psychoeducational testing leads their academic team, and their certified school psychometrist and experienced division heads guide individualized learning plans. Small class sizes, a unique K-12 program and an expert team enable Trinity to use a collaborative approach while integrating multiple interventions and strategies that improve students’ experience and outcomes.

Trinity’s campus is an encouraging atmosphere where students feel welcome and free to be themselves. Students form meaningful friendships with their classmates and participate in activities, often discovering hidden talents. Trinity offers activities, athletics and clubs for all divisions, making school a fun, exciting place to be!

Trinity should be the standard in how to best help amazing kids like Dawson! I have met other parents who have children like Dawson and love being able to tell them how amazing Trinity is. It also breaks my heart to hear of their struggles. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being such incredible educators. Thank you for being such an amazing school. Thank you for being a place of belonging when you’re feeling lost and adrift. Lucia & Chip Frohling, parents


2020 & 2022 Family Favorites Winner - Private School, Elementary, Secondary, Specialty 

2021 Family Favorites Finalist - Private School, Elementary & 2021 Family Favorites Winner - Private School, Secondary, Specialty 

Division Heads Deana Huff, Becky Edmonds and Shelli Thomas have worked together to help settle Trinity’s students into its new location while developing online classroom tools and innovative ways to teach. We recently asked them about Trinity’s educational philosophy, what makes the school stand apart and how they engage families.

What is your educational philosophy and how does that impact the students at Trinity?
Trinity’s educational philosophy is to provide a safe, nurturing and encouraging environment for students with learning differences. Our holistic programs focus on academics, spirituality and social skills. Every student comes to Trinity with their own unique learning style. Our educators meet each student where they are and deliver tailored programs that help prepare them to enter the world with knowledge and motivation so they succeed and reach their fullest potentials.

What makes Trinity School stand out among all the education choices parents have?
Trinity School offers specialized education plans and tailored instruction delivered by reading therapists and math interventionists every day in a traditional school environment. Our small class sizes and intentionally designed spaces, combined with our unique reading therapy-based curriculum, accommodate students diagnosed with a variety of learning differences including anxiety, ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia and autism spectrum disorder. We have a team made up of academic specialists, reading therapists, math interventionists and a school counselor who work together with parents to develop a Trinity Individualized Plan for each student that is revisited throughout the year to make sure they are progressing across academic disciplines.

How do you engage parents/families in your students’ educations?
We’re a family at Trinity and we believe that parent feedback is a critical component to ensure students achieve their goals. Like learning differences, each student’s learning style and situation is different. Because of this, we develop a Trinity Individualized Plan with parents to accommodate and modify lessons and social skills. In addition to working together to develop strategies unique to each student’s learning style, we offer multiple opportunities for our families to participate in social, spiritual and athletic activities.

How has the pandemic changed things at Trinity School and how is Trinity School meeting the current needs of your students and families?
When we realized we would need to teach remotely, our team developed a process for teaching online and leveraged our use of technology to keep students engaged. While that was effective, we knew our students needed to be at school with our teachers. So, with the safety and health of our staff, students, parents and visitors as our highest priority, we worked to develop a Return to Campus plan to get students back in our building. Our team, students and parents have worked tirelessly to keep our campus safe. Our students are now wearing masks, social distancing and following new lunch and athletic protocols, proving they can do anything!