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10 Great Books for the First Year

by Hannah Schmitt

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Every new mom has likely heard expert advice about the importance of reading to your child from the very beginning. Research shows there are many benefits to infants being exposed to books. But any new mom who’s done some shopping for children’s books also knows they’re not all created equal. Some are far and away more interesting to read than others. As my son approaches his first birthday, here are some of my top picks for books we’ve read together.

Editor’s note: Each of these titles links to Amazon so you can see more about the book. But whenever possible please shop local and support your neighborhood bookstore. Amazon has great prices but you can’t walk into Amazon to save your sanity on a rainy day or enjoy a weekly story time.

  1. Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA: Most advice I read recommended the best books for infants were ones with little or no text and large, high-contrast pictures. This book fits the bill. There are very few words but sweet illustrations and a cute story line.
  2. Guess How Much I Love You: Is there a sweeter story to read to your children? (Well, maybe Love You Forever.)
  3. 50 Cities of the U.S.A.: This one is intended for much older kids, but I still love flipping through this one with my son. We travel a lot and have family all over the country so I imagine we’ll be cracking this one open to get to know new cities for many years to come.
  4. The Children’s Book of Virtues: This is one of the first books I read to my son because I actually found the stories personally engaging before he could even interact. The book features tales separated into categories of virtues like courage, compassion and loyalty. It will be one we keep reading together throughout his childhood.
  5. The Popcorn Astronauts And Other Biteable Rhymes: This book is a series of poems about food and parents are sure to get a kick out of it long before their children even understand the humor.
  6. On the Night You Were Born: This book was a gift from my grandfather and I started reading it each night at bedtime from the time my son was born. A year later, I still recite it every night at bedtime and it’s one of my favorite daily rituals.
  7. Home: There are very few words in this book but the beautiful illustrations bring the story to life.
  8. Indestructibles: Baby Babble: Any of these durable books are great for tiny readers but this is one of my favorites. They truly are indestructible and the bright illustrations are very engaging.
  9. My Wild Animal World: This is actually nine tiny board books and each tells a few facts about a different animal. These have become favorites in the past couple months!
  10. Doggies: You can’t go wrong with a Sandra Boynton book and this is a top pick for anyone with a dog.

Want to have someone read a story to you? Here’s a list of local story times.

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