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Easter fun in OKC: where to find everyone’s favorite bunny + egg hunts

by Callie Collins

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Oklahoma City family fun brings the best of springtime to you at Easter, with activities that offer something for everyone.

Easter is the parent/child population’s focus right now, it seems, from the playground at Mother’s Day Out to overheard conversations about egg dye and everyone’s favorite bunny.

This year’s holiday is unusually late but even so, the occasion has a way of sneaking up on me, much as I imagine that mythical rabbit would do, quietly but certain to arrive at this time of year.

It wouldn’t be springtime without Easter and I love the tulip and pastel themes that come into our lives at this time, reminding us of rebirth, all that’s old is new again and the promise of another year, another way to make memories together.

I remember camping out with a peeled carrot in a sack, tucked under my favorite blanket, to wait for the Easter Bunny. I don’t remember photo sessions or egg hunts beyond our own front lawn; the community aspect was church and that was all. Nothing was missing from that happy time, with its kitchen smells of vinegar and mayonnaise and paprika, everything we needed to make deviled eggs from the leftover tie-dye dozens that stayed in the fridge to serve along with ham and coconut cake.

Now, there are helicopter egg drops, massive candy searches, Easter mysteries and reenactments and so much more. It’s all about community and there is joy in that. It’s a different kind of joy but a perfect kind to share. What is religion anyway if it doesn’t make you happy and bring you peace?

I think about questions like that for my family, my children, what I really want them to take away. There may be big questions associated with holidays that are religious in nature about which way to approach them. I know one thing for certain: they’re all best pondered over chocolate and jelly beans.

If you’re looking for a community event to attend this Easter, you’re not too late. There’s still so much going on this Easter weekend. Click here for our Easter Fun Guide.

No matter how you celebrate, there’s fun to be had.

Happy Easter!

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