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OCCHD Offering Vaccines to Children Under 6

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Oklahoma City-County Health Department announced that parents and caregivers can now get their children 6 months and older vaccinated to better protect them from COVID-19. The health department recommends that all children, including children who have already had COVID-19, should get vaccinated.

The Pfizer vaccine is a three-dose vaccine series: the second three to eight weeks after the first dose, and the third dose more than eight weeks after the second. The Moderna series is complete with two doses given at least a month apart.

“This is the perfect opportunity for parents to make their appointment to catch up on all childhood vaccines, which can be given at the same time as the COVID-19 vaccine,” said Staceee Hoye, chief of clinical services. “Most schools, daycares and colleges require proof of childhood immunizations to attend. Parents can beat the back-to-school rush.”

Common side effects parents can expect for their child are a sore arm, headache, fever, and fatigue. Children 6 to 23 months (about 2 years) may be fussy or sleepy. Symptoms usually occur one to two days after vaccination and are mostly mild and resolve after a few days. Parents should contact their primary care provider if they have any specific concerns about side effects from a shot.

How to schedule a vaccine appointment:

  • People wanting a vaccine for their children at the NE clinic, 2700 NE 63rd, can call 405-419-4200.
  • Residents needing an appointment at OCCHD’s Southern Oaks Clinic, 6728 S Hudson Ave., can call 405-419-4119.
  • Clients wanting an appointment at the OCCHD’s West clinic, 4330 NW 10th St., should call 405-419-4150.

Walk-ins are welcome at all clinics, though appointments are preferred. All clinics are on the Embark bus line.

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