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by Dorian Quillen

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Have you ever been around a person who always seems to be positive and encouraging?

I recently met Cody McCoy, a 30-yr-old young man with a form of autism. Instead of allowing his disability to make him feel sorry for himself, Cody is an inspiring and positive role model for everyone fortunate enough to know him.

He goes out of his way to befriend others and he may just be the most popular person in Noble, Oklahoma. Cody graduated from high school and looks forward to his reunions. Just about everywhere he goes, he sees someone he knows because he is so friendly to everyone.

When you spend time with Cody, you see that every day you are alive is an exciting adventure to treasure and celebrate. He sees the good in people and is always looking for a chance to say something nice to someone.

In fact, every single day, Cody has a list in his head of people he takes the time to call to ask how their day is going and to offer a word of encouragement. If you were to hear one of these calls, you would hear Cody saying things like, “I understand,” and “Well, that’s ok!” 

Some people may not hear from anyone else all day, but because of Cody, they know they are important to someone. It is an amazing gift Cody shares with the world every single day. It is humbling to watch and wonderful to know him.

He makes me think of how sometimes in my own life I let myself get down or discouraged and lose sight of the simple beauty of being alive. Cody could have retreated into anger or chosen any number of other reactions to his disability, yet every day he chooses to make a difference in the lives of those he encounters. 

I am humbled to know this awesome young man. I hope I can be more like him someday. 

Thank you Cody, for giving the world the wonderful gift of “you!”

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