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6 of Our Favorite Baby/Toddler Essentials

by Kirsten Holder

Reading Time: 3 minutes 

Let’s face it – raising a newborn isn’t for the faint of heart. Between the sleepless nights and the uncertainty of trying to make sure you’re doing everything “just right,” it can all be very daunting. But there are items and services that can make it all just a little bit easier for you and your baby!

  1. Nuby | 100% Silicone Avocado Teether: Millennials are the prime demographic having babies right now, so naturally, we need all things Avo. On top of being adorable, this teether is 100% silicone and super gentle on baby’s gums. It’s easy for little hands to hold and sure to be a favorite!
  2. Dr. Talbot’s Silicone Diaper Rash Cream Brush with Suction Base: If you’ve ever tried to apply diaper rash cream on a wiggly baby, then you know why you need this one. It’s tools like this that no one tells you that you need until you’re in dire straights! Do yourself a favor and order now to have in your emergency stash.
  3. Comotomo Baby Bottle Bundle: If your baby is rejecting bottle feeding OR if you’re concerned about nipple confusion, this is the bottle pack you need. The shape is designed to mimic the real thing! Plus they’re easy to clean and easy to hold for both mom and baby.
  4. Muslin everything: If you haven’t used muslin blankets for your little one before, get on that train! The breathable and softer than air material will have you researching the same for your own bedding comfort. Little Unicorn makes the most fun patterns and colors too! Some of our favorites include the Little Unicorn|Cotton Muslin Blanket Set- Llama and the Little Unicorn | Cotton Muslin Baby Quilt
  5. Green Bambino: This is our all-around favorite local shop for supplies. From toys, apparel, health tools and books to even comfort items for moms, this store truly has it all. Always offering the best in class and value with health at the forefront, this store will leave you wondering why you spent all that time making a baby registry when everything you need (or didn’t know you needed!) is included in their four walls (or online!).
  6. Lactation Help from Becky Drevets: If you’re like most moms, you need help with breastfeeding right about the time you leave the hospital and before your next check-up appointment. Cue lactation consultant Becky Drevets. Her gentle and creative approach mixed with her availability to come to you makes her services a dream!

If you’re reading this article it’s likely you have a baby at home (or know someone who does!). Click here to find out how you can get some of these items for free!

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