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16 At-Home Date Night Ideas for Parents

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Missing the nights out with your sweetie? Restore the romance with these sweet and simple at-home date night ideas.

  1. Play a game together. Whether something high-tech or low-tech, let the friendly competition take your mind off your daily demands.
  2. Cuddle up outside and stargaze.
  3. Get dressed up for a fancy candlelight dinner from your favorite takeout place. Maybe it’s after the kids go to bed or you could set them up with their own special feast and a new movie.
  4. Plan a morning date with a cup of coffee or tea and start your day by connecting.
  5. Put a puzzle together.
  6. Stream a new television series.
  7. Set up your own paint-and-sip experience. As you might expect, YouTube has plenty of painting tutorials.
  8. Have a tasting party. Maybe you and your partner are into wine, craft beers, whiskey, chocolate or something else entirely, buy a sampling of new things to try.
  9. Reminisce with music. Take turns playing old tunes and share why you like them or the memories connected to moments in your life.
  10. Destress and connect with a virtual yoga class.
  11. Create something together! Decorate ceramic mugs for each other, craft a scrapbook or put a LEGO together.
  12. Learn something new together. Try out a new hobby or a new recipe!
  13. Cozy up fireside with your favorite beverage and chat.
  14. Set up a spa night to pamper each other.
  15. Embark on a virtual vacation to your dream destinations. Many venues offer virtual tours and Google Arts & Culture lets you explore iconic places around the world.
  16. Get your favorite dessert delivered or bake something special together.

Bonus idea – If you have kids old enough to stay home without you or little ones that enjoy napping in the car, go for a drive in a new-to-you neighborhood. Explore home design and garden features you both like and pick out the house you might own if you lived in that neighborhood.

For monthly date night ideas, check out our round-up of the top 5 date night events happening each month. 

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