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Little Spanish Bridge

3500 S. Boulevard, Building D1,
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73103

Little Spanish Bridge (LSB) is a Spanish full immersion studio where you can find the perfect enrichment program for the entire family with classes for babies, toddlers, school-age kids as well as adults. Sessions are 100% in Spanish offering the excitement of learning a new language.

LSB brings challenging adventures where the kids work on their global development with activities that refine motor, cognitive, social and emotional skills simultaneously with their language skills. Classes also provide the child with the acquisition of practical living skills such as: sharing, taking turns, respect, politeness, manners, and how to become part of a diverse community

Little Spanish Bridge’s after-school program introduces Spanish through art projects, games, cooking, dance, Montessori activities, practical life exercises, song, and all sorts of creative activities. Ages 4 and up and classes are 90 minutes.

2022 Family Favorites Finalist - Tutoring/Learning Center



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