metrofamily state of beliefs

MetroFamily Magazine’s Statement of Beliefs

  • Everything we do at MetroFamily Magazine is focused on strengthening local families.
  • We believe that family is the backbone of our society—and that by developing strong families, we will have a strong, resilient community.
  • We believe that all families can be successful and that all children can be raised with the appropriate mix of love and guidance. We feel that all parents, regardless of their personal upbringing or experiences, can learn the parenting skills needed to help their children grow into strong, productive, contributing members of our community.
  • We believe that Oklahoma—and the Oklahoma City metro area in particular—is a great place to raise a family and we are dedicated to highlighting the best that our area has to offer related to family fun, learning experiences and development.
  • We believe that family fun is a crucial element of a meaningful family life. This can best be accomplished through minimizing screen time and reconnecting to family members through participation in events and family-friendly attractions of all types.
  • We believe that parents have the need to take care of themselves and their supportive relationships in order to be the best parents they can be.
  • We believe that one way to grow as a person is to be inspired by stories of triumph over tragedy and of the strength of human character. We attempt to bring those local stories to life through our editorial in print and online.
  • We believe that all families, regardless of socioeconomic level, need ideas to make the most of their budget and we are dedicated to providing cost-saving ideas and ways that families can enjoy inexpensive or free local fun.
  • We believe that parents and children learn, grow and stay mentally healthy through giving back to their community so we encourage volunteering for all ages.
  • We understand the role that good nutrition plays in a child’s growth and development. We promote and support efforts to help families make healthy food choices and develop positive eating habits.
  • We believe that education is of the utmost importance to children, families and society as a whole. We support parents, teachers, administrators and others involved in the education of children, from birth through post-secondary schooling.