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Winter Bucket List

by Lindsay Cuomo

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Looking for some fun ways to beat the winter blues and make the most of this season? Here are some mom-approved ideas for wintertime family fun.

  1. Give to someone in need or volunteer. Shift your family’s focus from getting to giving by volunteering. Find a list of ideas here.
  2. Load up the car and discover a new Oklahoma destination. Oklahoma is home to the longest driveable stretch of Historic Route 66, a wealth of fun museums and so much more. Our Exploring Oklahoma series features a wealth of hot spots and fun tips to help your family explore our great state.
  3. Throw on your aprons and bake some homemade treats. Whether for you or for friends and family, there is something very warming about a homemade treat. If you are looking for inspiration, check out some of our recipes.
  4. Bundle up for a winter nature walk. Take in the crisp, cool air as you hunt for pinecones and animal tracks. Martin Park Nature Center and Arcadia Lake are two great local spots for a stroll. Who knows, you might even spot an eagle nesting in its winter home.
  5. Create art together. Making art at home is an enriching, educational experience for kids of all ages. Get inspired by our Creator Space series with simple, low-cost, high-yield art-making opportunities.
  6. Watch eagles soar. Eagles call many of Oklahoma’s state parks their home each winter. Bundle up and spend a day searching for these majestic animals. Bird-watching hint: The best time to observe eagles is around sunrise or sunset.
  7. “Travel” to the Arctic. Nothing brightens a winter day like a visit to see the penguins and snow leopards at the Tulsa Zoo.
  8. Lace up and hit the ice! A spin around a rink is a fun way to embrace the winter chill. OKC has indoor and outdoor options to choose from during the winter season.
  9. Treat your crew to hot cocoa. Whip up a pot of your best homemade recipe, stop at a local coffee shop or meet up with a local food truck and enjoy a piping hot cup of this season’s most popular drink.
  10. Watch a classic film on the big screen. Harkins Theatre in Bricktown brings iconic movies back to the big screen on Tuesdays. Families can enjoy favorites for only $5 a ticket.
  11. Read a book together. Local storytimes across the metro will be pulling out seasonal favorites and mixing in new tales for families to enjoy.
  12. Try a new restaurant or recipe. Make new memories together around the table as you warm up your taste buds with something new!
  13. Pay it forward with a family-inspired random act of kindness. Whether you pick up another’s tab or surprise a neighbor with a special treat, doing for others is a great way to whisk away the winter blues.
  14. Play some games together. Take the time to slow down and enjoy some friendly competition together.

Find more ideas for family fun, check out our Winter Fun Guides.

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