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Whew! The heat is hot.

by Mari Farthing

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Summer is finally here. I heard the weather people utter those words we hate to hear: “this week is going to be the hottest week of the summer so far.”

Sigh; just when I thought we had dodged the summer heat, it turns out we haven’t. But we can try to beat the heat. Playing outside in the sprinkler was always my favorite when I was a kid, and my kids are no different. But this year, I found something new to try (thanks to Pinterest and a friend sharing the idea): spongy water bombs that are inexpensive, fun and easy to make—and actually kept my kids busy for an entire afternoon. Bonus!


  • Sponges from the dollar store—buy the ones that come about 10 or so to a pack for a dollar. I used 6 packs, so we had 60 sponges total.
  • Small zip ties or metal-free elastic bands (you need one per ball)
  • Scissors

Okay, now for the math. Cut each sponge length-wise into three strips—which means that each package of 10 sponges will make 30 strips. Older kids can help on this step with some supervision—the sponges may be tricky to cut. Out of our 60 sponges, we had a total of 180 strips.

Gather nine strips per water bomb. Let younger kids decide what colors to use.

If you’re a little OCD like me, the last two steps may be more difficult than stated. Don’t let the fact that your older kids might not make perfectly straight pieces deter you from letting him help you cut out the pieces. Remember—this is for them. Tell your inner control freak that it’s okay if there are not an equal number of strips of each color per ball; I know this is difficult (trust me—I know!). But really, it is okay. If she wants to pick 7 red and 2 yellow instead of 3 each of the red, blue and yellow? That’s okay.

Really; it is okay. Crooked strips and random colors are not going to make these any less fun for the kids to play with—and they’ll probably like them more if they make them.

Next, use the zip tie or elastic band to tie the bomb together—if you use a zip tie, trim the ends. I recommend that you do this part, to make sure that the ends are even and you tie it in the middle. And that’s why you get the kids to help out in the earlier steps.

Keep going until you’re all done. We made 20 all together and immediately wished we had another 6 bags of sponges to make another 20.

Now, take them outside with a big bucket of water and get out of the way!

Let the summer fun begin!

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