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When Momma’s Happy, Everyone is Happy

by Rebecca Lucas

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"When Momma’s Happy, Everyone is Happy" My entire life, I have heard that saying and honestly never thought much about it, until I realized recently how true that saying really is.

A couple of years ago, I was faced with several challenges in my career, which included taking a step back from my beloved marketing and public relations field. Thankfully, I recently got a new job, which is back in my degree field, and I am honestly the happiest in my career as I’ve ever been. I knew in the back of mind that not working in my field was hard on me, but I don’t think I realized the extent of it until now, as I’m far removed from the situation. I chose my field when I was 20-years-old, and have honestly never looked back. I have always felt fortunate that, although many of the decisions I made at that age were not stellar, I had at least made a great decision toward my career path.

What does this have to do with parenting you ask? Well, for me, a lot. Since my daughters were born, I have always felt that I need to be the best role model for them as a mom, woman, wife, employee, family member, and friend. One thing I always wish for my daughters is for them to be healthy and happy with whatever they end up doing in their lives. To me, it is important to set this example by doing what I truly love, so that my girls see what it means to be happy in a career, and that you can gain fulfillment from a career.  It also makes my work days go so much better, which turns into my evenings being much happier and productive, which my girls can see as a direct result of my work day.

Starting this new job, all the old feelings I used to have of waking up, excited to begin my day, have all returned, and I know my older daughter has noticed this change for the better. I tried to be chipper in the mornings in the past, but my acting skills are sub-par at best, and often left my daughter staring at me wondering what I was trying to pull over on her. It is so refreshing that it feels like the old me is back and ready to tackle the world again, so no acting skills are necessary. It has also made a positive difference in my marriage as well, which is never a bad thing!

So, what I am trying to convey is this: for those of us moms who have to work to make ends meet, or just love working, if you can find the profession that drives you and helps you look forward to going to work in the morning, do whatever you can to make that happen for yourself. It not only makes your days better, but it makes time with your child(ren) better too!  And that is always a good thing.

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