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What We're Keeping, What We're Tossing and What's New, by Jennifer

by Jennifer Geary

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Now that we’re a few weeks in to the school year I’m confident I know what we’re using—at least for the most part!  I try to have plans at least sketched out for the year so I know how to pace myself, and some years I am more specific than others.  I love to have definite plans, but I have found that I don’t always use them.  This year I have the general idea in my mind and I’ve almost collected all of our resources.

What We’re Keeping

  • Five in a Row:  This year my eight year old will be using Volume 4 of Five in a Row along with a few books from Volumes 1-3 that we haven’t done already. 
  • HomeschoolShare:  We’ve used HomeschoolShare since beginning our homeschooling journey and we’ll keep using their great (FREE!) units.
  • Artist Studies:  We started artist studies last year and they were a big hit!  It’s fun to learn a little, create a little, and have a fun snack while you’re at it.
  • PE:  Last year was our first year to take a PE class at our community center and my son loved it.  We go twice a week for a two hour class.

What We’re Tossing

  • Math on the Level:  I feel bad about not using this great program because I love it, but sometimes you have trouble making something work for you, even if it’s a great product.  We’ll still do living math activities and use some of the ideas, but I found I really just wanted someone to tell me what concept to cover next.
  • Outside Class:  Last year my son took a geography class that was fun, but being out so often (and having to bring my daughter out, too) was too much.  This year we are going to try to be home more!  There will always be outside opportunities—sometimes more than we can handle!

What’s New

  • Horizons Math:  We actually used Horizons math before we used Math on the Level, so it’s not completely new to us.  I got the second book for second grade for my son as a review over the summer and he worked through it quickly and without complaints, so I was sold!
  • Horizons Spelling and Vocabulary:  This is our first year to do formal spelling lessons so I chose something that looked quick and easy.  Hopefully this will be a hit!
  • IEW’s Student Writing Intensive:  I had a hard time paying the price, but I think that writing is such an important skill that it’s worth it.  I have heard Andrew Pudewa speak several times over the last few months and I’m excited to start this program.
  • Oklahoma Studies:  We don’t have a specific curriculum for this, but we’re going to be taking trips and reading books to learn all about our state!
  • Science:  In the past we’ve always done science and social studies as it relates to our Five in a Row stories, but this year we’re changing things up.  My son will be learning about chemistry and biology—much of it done with my husband since he’s the science one in the family.  
  • What’s in the Bible:  Last year we went through the Jesus Storybook Bible and did crafts and lessons with each story.  This year we’re moving on to these DVDs.  So far both of the kids like them, and it’s always nice to have something they both enjoy!

Hopefully I haven’t overlooked anything!  We’re still adding in subjects, so it will take us a while to get up to full steam, but I am looking forward to it!

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