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WEB EXCLUSIVE: Family-Style in Frisco!

by Julie Dill

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There’s lots of smilin’ going on down in Frisco, Texas. The residents of this town are happy to be there and happy to share with others. It’s easy to see why Frisco has become one of the fastest growing cities in the country. A town perfectly planned for families, it seems as if Mom and Dad have built it themselves. The bonus? Mom gave it her famous spit-shine to make everything appear sparkly clean.

Frisco is a big city—minus the big city headache. People from all around flock to Frisco for the shopping, but, Frisco has much more to offer than just a cool, inexpensive lampshade from Ikea. After a recent weekend trip, I was ready to plan my next trip back to Frisco by the following Tuesday. Here’s why:

We started our Friday evening with dinner at the One 2 One Restaurant. Wow; delicious! Needless to say the halibut was melting in my mouth like cotton candy; I tried to remain ladylike while scraping the last little bits of my plate. Then, it was off to the Texas Legends (D-league) basketball game. It was extremely family-friendly with halftime entertainment provided by a teenage band from the local School of Rock.

The next day was eventful and included a visit to the Frisco Discovery Center. An exploration haven for kids (preschool through middle school), this 5,000 square feet facility has gallery art, a Black Box Theater, rent space for theater groups, and a math and science museum. This is a great place for many, many hands-on opportunities and theater group enthusiasts.

The Frisco Heritage Museum, another must-see for visitors, has everything from an early 1800’s cabin replica to a reproduction schoolhouse and restored church. The museum captures the past with exhibits such as a print shop, parlor exhibits, a cotton exhibit, and railroad exhibit. The theater is decorated with old cinema advertisements and runs shows such as “The General.” I was most intrigued with the massive, old Frisco State Safe. The safe has not been opened since the forties, and they have no idea what’s inside!

A definite Frisco hot-spot is the Frisco Square, an old European-style restaurant and shopping area. Relax and enjoy a quaint shopping experience that is completely family-friendly.

A very impressive Frisco Fire Safety Town is an award-winning facility that dedicates 1.5 acres to educating children about safety. It neighbors the Frisco Fire Department and is open to the public free of admission. Call ahead to schedule a 30-minute walk that will teach the importance of a meeting place, calling 9-1-1, severe weather safety, pedestrian safety, bike safety, seatbelt safety, and electrical safety. The mini, child-sized town was unbelievable! Miniature businesses and homes line the pretend streets to make this safety experience a most informative one.

After seeing Pizza Hut Park, I will definitely be watching the events calendar. This multi-purpose stadium makes for the perfect venue for concerts, professional soccer, and all types of events.

Who knew Frisco, Texas had so much to offer? That explains the sky-rocketing population growth. Although I don’t plan to pack boxes and make a move to Frisco, I will DEFINITELY plan to pack suitcases and make a trip back!

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Julie Dill is a National Board Certified Teacher from Oklahoma City and mother of two.

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