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Virtual Vacations

by Erin Page. Photos provided

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Whether you’re disappointed over a canceled excursion or just want to live vicariously while quarantined, these 10 virtual vacations allow your family to take a trip without ever leaving home. Hopefully a virtual vacation will help you get excited about taking a real vacation soon!

  1. Head to the mouse meca. The real magic here is getting to experience Disneyworld or Disneyland without having to wait in a single line!
  2. Visit a national park. From Yellowstone to the Statue of Liberty, explore some of our country’s iconic destinations.
  3. Check out one of the top family vacation spots in the United States. Hike or raft through the majestic Grand Canyon.
  4. Appreciate art. Whether you visit the OKCMOA or a museum around the world, experience amazing art and get even more creative by recreating the famous portraits you see.
  5. Experience Japanese culture. Take 360 degree tours of national monuments in Japan.
  6. Stick your toes in the (virtual) sand at your perfect beach. Find the Florida’s sunny shores that best fit your personality and interests.
  7. Seek a space adventure. Learn how astronauts live aboard the International Space Station.
  8. Feel the falls. Experience 360 degrees of Niagara Falls, from soaring overhead in a helicopter to riding the rapids.
  9. Tour the nation’s capital. Find dozens of immersive experiences, from the Lincoln Memorial to the Smithsonian and famous landmarks and neighborhoods.
  10. Peruse Peru. Visit one of the seven wonders of the world in Machu Picchu and look for llama sightings, too!
  11. Experience a virtual volcano. Check out Costa Rica’s Arenal Volcano in real time.
  12. Kick up your heels for boot-scootin’ fun. Visit the Grand Ole Opry’s live stream.
  13. Choose an Italian adventure. Travel virtually across all of Italy.
  14. Visit the Great Wall of China. Wander along a virtual tour of one of the greatest human archeological feats.
  15. Go to the land down under. Experience Australia in 360 degrees.

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