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Thinking and Coloring Outside the Lines, by Kami

by Kami McManus

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We have been having a wonderful summer full of nice weather, family, friends, and lots of color! In the last week we have participated in two very colorful events.

Every year since we have moved to Oklahoma, we have participated in “Cow Appreciation Day” at the Chick-fil-a in Moore. We have a blast and who doesn’t love some free food? Our daughter’s favorite part is dressing up in anything that looks like a cow or in a cow print fabric. The last two years we have always made shirts by stamping black spots onto white shirts or worn the headbands and signs that Chick-fil-a offers to anyone who comes by.

This year we did things a little bit differently! Thanks to a wonderful lady we found on Etsy, I ordered some super cute dresses for our daughter and daycare kiddo in a cow print. My son and I used some awesome stickers that Chick-fil-a gave us to make spots on our white shirts. We met up with another family daycare and had a blast! The kids get to play, moms get to chit chat, and everyone ate for free. It doesn’t get much better than that!

We also had another pretty awesome “first” for our family this weekend! We participated in our very first 5K run/walk as a family. I know I told you about some of the fundraiser walks we did early in the year, but this was our first 5K. What made this 5K a little bit different than most is that we showed up in crisp, clean white shirts, black shorts, and shoes and came home looking like a tye-dye monster attacked us! The event is called Color Me Rad,  and this year, it raised money for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. You can sign up individually or as team and you can either run or walk—completely up to you. You do have to pay for anyone over 7 yrs old, but you do not have to raise any additional funds above and beyond your entry fees. So it is a little different from most other fundraiser walks we have done in the past, but it was A LOT of fun! We teamed up with another family from Tinker Air Force Base who are also homeschoolers.

One of the many benefits we have found since we started our homeschool journey is all the amazing things there are to do! It is always fun to find something new to do, a little bit different we would normally do, and to finally meet people in person that you have spent months talking for months in an online group. We all love meeting new people and trying to new things and home schooling has given us the time and connections to do them!

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