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Things to Think About BEFORE You Start a Stockpile

by Karen Perea

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Many people have started couponing recently due to an increased awareness of the money it can save. While there is talk about having a stockpile and people talk about how it saves them money, many never talk about the things you should think about first.

Here are some things to think about before you start stockpiling:

Evaluate– Before you even start a stockpile you need to evaluate what your family uses. If your family uses two bottles of shampoo a month and you know that sales run in about three month cycles then there is no need to get more than six bottles. If you do get more than the six bottles, I would recommend donating them.

Space– Do you have space for your stockpile? Where would you store items you are planning on stockpiling? I store extra shampoo and other bathroom related items in the bathroom cabinets. Extra food goes in the cabinets or on a shelf in the garage. Keep in mind the amount of space you have before you go and buy large amounts of things for your stockpile.

Cost– Are you getting these items very inexpensively or free? If you are paying for the items, are you sure that this is a rock bottom price? It is a horrible feeling to buy a bunch of something then find out it is even cheaper next week.

NOTE: While it is a good idea to have a stockpile it is NEVER a good idea to clear the shelves of any item. Be sure not to take more than you can actually use. Also, if it is an excellent deal you can always go back another day and get more. Donating is NOT an excuse to clear the shelves either.

What are some other things you think people should evaluate before they start a stockpile?

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