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The Heart

by Emery Clark

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There’s a creativity in living thrifty that really excites me. It is so incredibly easy to just consume without any thought in this day and age, isn’t it? If something is broken or worn or done trending, we’re more likely to trash it than we are to transform it. After all, life can get busy and the store is just down the street! But to me, thriving on a dime doesn’t just mean finding the cheapest or easiest version of something, it can also mean creatively bringing things back to life while truly making them your own. There is a beauty in things that have been well loved and well worn that you just can’t find on the shelves of a box store. History! Stories! Uniqueness! And of course, the actual thrill of the hunt. 

It’s important for me to say up front that the heart behind all of this Thrive & Dime talk goes far beyond just saving a few bucks for your wallet or my wallet. This is a way of life that was modeled for me by my parents and modeled for them by theirs. It’s a resourcefulness and a determination that speaks of a deeper belief. I don’t want my kids to grow up believing that the best things in life are only shiny and new, and that everything they grow tired of needs to be replaced. I want to raise them to think above just “consuming.” The best way for me to teach them this belief is to model it for them and let them see it played out before their eyes. This also means engaging them in the process and bringing them into the hunt or the creative problem solving process of fixing or restoring something rather than just replacing it.  

Is this philosophy true for every single thing that I own? Definitely not! Of course there are times to replace things or buy things new from the shelves of a box store. But I strive to show my kids that that doesn’t have to be our knee-jerk reaction every single time there is a need. I want to teach them how to ask themselves “How can I creatively redeem this thing?” before just throwing in the towel.

Thankfully I am married to a man who not only endures this belief of mine, but he agrees with it! A lot of the ideas I dream up wouldn’t be possible without his help & skillful expertise. He’s truly an easy-on-the-eyes Jack-of-all-trades. (Heh.) I know he will be a great resource here as I attempt to share my triumphs (and failures) in thriving and diming.

In the coming weeks I plan to share some of my tips and tricks for the different ways and places I enjoy hunting down treasures in the city. Along the way, I’d absolutely love to hear from you if you have any questions or thoughts about thrifty fashion, design, or living! Feel free to reach out to me, and thanks for reading along!

You can find Emery on Instagram at @emeryjo.

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