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The Emotions of Back to School Time

by Rebecca Lucas

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I can’t believe it is already back-to-school time. Where has this year gone?

That is actually a question I seem to always be asking ever since I became a mom. Every time I turn around, my baby girl is getting bigger. And sassier, but that is for a different blog!

As I was scrolling through Facebook status updates last week, there were several posts from my friends and family of their child’s first day of school pictures. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of children smiling proudly with their backpack in tow, ready to begin a new school year. Then, a scary thought came over me. This time next year, I will be sending my daughter to Kindergarten. Yikes!

Anytime I have ever thought about it in the past, it was fast and fleeting, probably because I couldn’t handle the truth!

After talking to several of my friends about sending their child to school for the first time, one thing is shared among most of us…we hate seeing our kids grow up so fast. A friend of mine told me she was upset last year, because her son had cried when she dropped him off, but was even more upset this year because he wasn’t crying at all about her dropping him off.

I definitely understand her pain. I am trying my best to raise my daughter to be a strong, independent woman, however, I feel like a hypocrite because I want her to miss me when I’m at work. The good thing is, I think this is something shared among moms that we can all relate to! Of course, we want them to keep getting bigger, just maybe not so fast.

Did you handle back-to-school time well this year? Any funny stories to share?

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