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The 3 Point Commitment

by Mari Farthing

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It sounds so simple: No complaining. No gossiping. No lying.
In our social media age, it seems that there are ever more outlets for us to engage in complaining, gossiping and lying—sometimes to the point that it can be overwhelming. But when I heard about the  3 Point Commitment (, a challenge for anyone and everyone to take on the task of avoiding complaining, gossiping and lying for ten days, I was intrigued. Could I do it?
Soon after seeing an email about the challenge, I spoke with my sister on the phone. I told her about the challenge and she signed up for the challenge before we hung up the phone—even before I had a chance to. While I was on the phone, my 10-year-old son heard me discussing the commitment. He asked about it after I hung up and adopted the challenge for himself.
I wrote down the guidelines and carry them with me. When I’m speaking, when I’m thinking when I’m engaging others through social media, I think about what I’m saying and whether I’m speaking positively or not; whether I’m doing my best to avoid complaining, gossiping or lying. Some days are better than others.
It can be hard not to complain, especially in these days when we’re all taking sides politically and going crazy from the summer heat; complaining becomes a way of life. Especially for my son—that kid wakes up with a complaint on his lips (he is a “tween,” after all)! So we’ve not had a successful 10 days but we have had success in talking about the power of our words and thinking about how we can change them to be more positive.
After trying to actively live this challenge for a few weeks, I officially signed up today. I’m a true believer that what we put out there in the world is what we’re going to get back—so there is power in positivity that goes far beyond the impact of our immediate conversation. The proof? Just talking about the program engaged my sister and my son. This ripple effect has the potential to be quite powerful.
Want to challenge yourself? Visit the 3 Point Commitment website and sign up. You can order wristbands to help you in your challenge. And on September 7? There is a drawing for a $10,000 prize to be given away to one lucky person who completes their challenge.


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