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Teach Your Own Classes

by Jennifer Geary

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It seems like more and more businesses, museums, and other groups are offering special classes and events for homeschoolers now.  Sometimes, though, these offerings may be expensive, at an inconvenient location, or the times may conflict with your schedule. If you know someone with a special talent, though, a solution may be close at hand!

My kids enjoy art classes, but our local museum only offers them every so often, and my daughter isn't old enough to attend. When she is old enough, my son will be in a different age group, so we would have to make two separate trips to the museum (a fairly good drive for us since we live in the middle of nowhere) during the months classes are offered. 

Enter my friend, Kristen, who loves art and loves teaching art!  She decided to offer a weekly art class in her home (which is a much shorter drive for me)  for kids of all ages. Now both of my kids get to participate at the same time and it's a chance for a homeschool mom to earn a bit of extra money, too.

If you have friends or family members with expertise in a certain area, see how they would feel about sharing their knowledge with your kids. Maybe they don't want to teach a whole class, but they might stop by and share a bit about their hobby or experiences.  Do you have a talent that other homeschool families might find interesting or useful? You might think about offering your own classes, especially if it's something you're going to be teaching your own children already.  

When homeschoolers help out homeschoolers, it's great for all of us!

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