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Super Bowl School

by Jennifer Geary

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Just in case you hadn't heard, there's a really big football game coming up!  Some football school is a great way to liven things up and sneak in some extras for school, too.  Here are a few ideas you might want to try.

Learn all about the game in T is for Touchdown–even though it's set up as an ABC book, there's still a lot of information!

Matt Christopher wrote more than 100 different sports-themed novels for kids, and there are quite a few football stories that you may want to check out!

E is for Evergreen: A Washington State Alphabet & C is for Centennial: A Colorado Alphabet:  Learn about the home states of the two teams with these ABC books.

If you've got kids who aren't too in to football, they'll still enjoy Buffalo Wings, a book about some animals who decide to make buffalo wings for a game time snack and go in search of buffaloes with wings.

Check out these great ideas for Sports Card Math at The Pleasantest Thing.  

3Dinosaurs has a FREE printable football pack that's great for your younger kids!

Want to make your kids think a while?  Have them try to solve this football brain teaser.  It's sure to keep them busy!

How To Homeschool My Child has some FREE printable football activity guides you can get when you sign up for their emails.

One of my all time favorite football learning activities is Elizabeth Foss's Monday Night Football Geography.  Lots of great ideas for learning about different places and having a great time doing it!

 Enjoy–and Go, Broncos!


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