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Summer Learning, by Jennifer

by Jennifer Geary

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As a homeschooler, you know that learning doesn’t stop just because you’re not doing formal lessons.  I know some homeschoolers go all year, and even though I can see some big advantages to that, the truth is that I need a summer break just as much as my kids do. So what are some fun ways to make sure your kids are learning without requiring you to do lots of planning?

  • Library programs: Your librarians work hard to arrange some fabulous programs for kids of all ages to enjoy.  Get your kids signed up for the summer reading program and enjoy some wonderful stories while keeping those reading skills sharp!
  • Road trips: Have you checked out MetroFamily’s great Route 66 guide?  What are you waiting for?  Hit the road with your kids and you will be amazed at all the things Oklahoma has to offer!
  • Classes: Oklahoma City has some terrific educational programs for kids.  My son has attended summer classes at the Sam Noble Museum since he was four and has had such a great time every year!  We’ve also taken many classes at the Oklahoma City Zoo and I have always been so impressed by the educational department.
  • Get Outside: If you can stand the heat, take your kids outdoors.  Summertime is the perfect time to watch the night sky, and if you live out in the country like we do, there is no shortage of odd bugs to observe!  Try picking your own fruits or veggies and then doing some fun activities.  We went blueberry picking last week and later the same morning I stumbled across this great site on Pinterest, full of educational blueberry activities!  When the heat gets really bad (probably sometime in the next week, I’m guessing!), try some water balloon math!

Need some structure?  If you need a little or a lot, there are still ways for the kids to learn and you to keep your sanity!

  • Stations: I love this post about setting up stations around the house so that activities are easily accessible to the kids.  It would take a bit of planning, but once the kids know where things are, they can do everything independently!
  • Bucket Lists:  Pinterest has tons of Summer Bucket Lists lately. These can be simple and fun or you can do something more formal and educational—but still have fun.
  • Unit Studies: Doing some formal lessons doesn’t have to be drudgery!  Do a unit study the whole family will enjoy, like Ice Cream or Zoos.  Pick a theme that everyone can have fun with and see what you can learn and do together!

Still looking for things to do?  Don’t miss the annual Share Fair at the Norman Public Library on June 1. Groups from across the community will be there to let you know what activities they’re offering this summer and usually there are some fun freebies for the kids, too!

Happy learning—and try to stay cool!

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