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Summer Craft: Shadow Art

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Summers in Oklahoma can be so hot. But here's one example where that sun beating down on you is actually a good thing! The only things required for project are a few household items and a little patience. The sun does the word to create beautiful art and kids love to experiment with different shapes and items. Once you create your shadow art, use it to make a card to send to grandparents or friends to tell them about your project!


  • Construction paper – red, blue or black work best
  • Objects around the house or outside
  • Cookie Sheet


  • Take cookie sheet and tape the construction paper to it. 
  • Next take objects like rocks, pencil, leaves, a lid to a jar, plastic rings and lay them on top of the paper. 
  • Leave in direct sun for about an hour or longer. 
  • After an hour return and use an oven mitt to pick up cookie sheet (it will be hot from the sun) and bring it inside. Remove objects and see if you can identify them.  

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