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Create your own natural paintbrushes

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Use grass, leaves, sticks and a bit of yarn to create your own natural paintbrushes with this #AtHomeArt project.


  • Leaves, grass or even weeds
  • Yarn, tape or string
  • Sticks
  • Paper
  • Paint


  1. Go outside and look for grass or leaves you can use as heads of paintbrushes. Get curious! Think about different marks that can be made by using different types of leaves.
  2. Find some small sticks you can use as your brush handles.
  3.  Place your leaves at the end of one of your sticks. Make sure to overlap the leaves on the sticks.
  4. Take your yarn and tie it around the leaves and stick. Tightly wrap the yarn around the stick and leaves to secure them together.
  5. Once you’ve wrapped the yarn securely, tie off the yarn and cut off the excess.
  6. Wave your brush in the air to ensure nothing falls apart. If something is loose, repeat the two previous steps.
  7. Dip your new brush in some paint and get started!

Find more #AtHomeArt projects at And look for the opening of the beautiful new Oklahoma Contemporary building in the near future!

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