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Summer Craft: Countdown Paper Chain

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Are your kids counting down the days to summer camp? Or your next vacation? Or their return to the classroom? Make counting down fun with a paper chain. This is a simple craft most people know how to do and an easy one for your kids to participate in. 


  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pen


  • Cut construction paper into slices about a half-inch in width. You’ll need 100 or less depending on how many days you need to countdown. 
  • Take one piece of paper and glue one side to the other to form a circle.  Take another piece and put it inside the circle and glue one side to the other side to form a chain. 
  • Continue to do this until you form your whole chain. 
  • To make this even more exciting you could write activities to do each day on the slips of paper like go the library, take a nature walk, fly a kite, have a movie night, make s'mores, etc. 
  • Hang it up and take one chain off each day to remind you how close you are getting to that first day of school or the super vacation. 

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