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Summer Craft: Coffee Filter Flowers

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The best part of this craft is the freedom it allows for kids to make any kind of design or look they desire. A white coffee filter is the perfect canvas for whatever they can imagine!


  • Coffee filter
  • Markers
  • Spray Bottle
  • Plate
  • Pipe cleaner


  • Use markers to color the coffee filter. Make squiggles and designs.
  • Place the filter on a glass plate. Use the spray bottle to lightly mist the coffee filter until the colors start to blend. 
  • Let the filter dry. 
  • Fold the filter in half and then half again, resulting in a triangle shape. 
  • Wrap the pipe cleaner around the tip of the filter. 
  • Pull the filter apart to make a flower. 
  • Make a butterfly by taking the dry filter and twisting the pipe cleaner in the middle of the coffee filter to make wings. Use the tips of the filter to make antennae.

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