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Strengthen Your Family With Family-iD

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Since 1998, MetroFamily Magazine’s mission has been to help parents be more successful and have more fun with their families. On the pages of this publication, you see our mission play out in ideas for events and activities to experience together. This spring, we’re taking our mission into a more hands-on mode by offering our readers the chance to take an intentional step toward success with their families. 

MetroFamily Magazine is partnering with New Covenant United Methodist Church to bring renowned speaker and author Greg Gunn to Oklahoma City to present his Family-iD Workshop. The “iD” stands for intentional direction. Gunn designed the workshop out of the desire to see families come up with a set of goals and standards to help them live out a unique passion and purpose.

“Every family will end up somewhere,” Gunn believes, “but few will end up somewhere on purpose.”

The workshop will offer families a guided course on uncovering core values and building a family identity. During the three-hour course, parents and their children as young as 6 will write out a vision statement and mission statement to help chart the course of their future.

Randy and Sherri Allsbury went through the Family-iD process with their five children more than 10 years ago and know first-hand how it’s had an impact on their children and legacy. The couple now works for Family-iD, but they went through the process of creating a family mission statement through the program long before they started working there. 

“When it’s put on paper,” Randy said, “then everybody knows that’s a family law and that’s how we’re going to live.”

For example, a family rule they came up with more than a decade ago was that they would treat their family members better than they would their best friends. Establishing that as a general rule for the family has kept many sibling squabbles at bay and been a constant reminder of the importance of family bonds. 

Sherri is passionate about the mission of Family-iD because she’s seen it change the course of countless families, including her own. Many people put more planning and goal-setting into a weight loss plan or business endeavor than they do their own family, she said, but has seen tremendous progress in families that invest the time in the workshops.

Two workshop sessions will be available: 9 a.m. to noon and 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. on March 5 at New Covenant United Methodist Church (2700 S. Boulevard, Edmond). The cost of the workshop is $25 per family and child care is available (for those kids who are not readers) for an additional $10 per family. Click here to purchase tickets. 

As a bonus to attendees, sponsor Total Wellness will be on-site to provide attendees their annual wellness exams!

  • Free for all insured participants (All carriers accepted, including Medicare) – No Co-pays
  • Free vaccines for all insured participants – Flu, MMR, Tdap, Hep A & B, Pneumonia
  • Please bring insurance card

Leading up to the event, check out these Family-iD podcasts, including one featuring Sarah Taylor, MetroFamily publisher.

Here are some testimonials from Family iD workshop attendees:

We are so thankful for Family-iD. As we bring 2 families together in our 2nd marriage, we now have the tools needed to put together a vision and plan for our family.  Thank you! 

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to fix my life and my family. —Randy

The healing that will take place due to the information in this conference will affect our family for generations. Thank you so much! —Lori

This workshop was amazing and will be so impactful for our family. Thank you so much for investing in us today. This is going to change our family forever! —Haley

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