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10 Outdoor Fun Ideas

by Erin Page

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Sunshine + warm weather = outdoor family fun season. We know you’ve become pretty familiar with your own turf over the last month or more, but we’ve got 10 stellar suggestions for summertime fun in your own backyard:

  1. Plan your next vacation at one of Oklahoma’s most unique attraction adventures. Find out how you can sleep in a treehouse or covered wagon!
  2. Make your own slip-and-slide for a wild time, or turn on the sprinklers and create a wet obstacle course.
  3. Pitch a tent in your backyard for a family campout. Try a campfire recipe to complete your evening.
  4. Spend some time stargazing.
  5. Get growing with a flower or vegetable garden designed as a family. Find tips to get started here.
  6. The 2024 Summer Olympic Games begin this July! Get into the Olympic spirit with an active game night. Think balloon volleyball, relay races, water balloon shot put or pool noodle javelin toss.
  7. Try a new twist on water fights by making sponge bombs:
    Supplies: 3 kitchen sponges in various colors, string (we used a thin twine), scissors, ruler, marker

    • Take your ruler and mark off 1-inch strips on each sponge. Cut your strips.
    • Stack the sponge strips three high and three wide. Be sure to mix different colors to make colorful sponge bombs.
    • Wrap your string down the middle around your tack. Tie a very tight knot. Double knot it a few times.
    • Shift the sponge strips around to make the bombs look like a pom-pom.
    • Snip any excess strings and your sponge bombs are ready for water play!
  8. Get in touch with Western heritage! Concoct your own butter and decorate bandannas so you’ll be ready for a visit to the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum.
    Butter making instructions:

    • Measure 2-3 tablespoons heavy cream into a small spill-proof container with a lid.
    • Place the lid on the container and shake, shake, shake until the liquid thickens and solidifies.
    • Scoop out and enjoy with a pretzel or small piece of bread!
  9. Bring water play and science together with a simple science experiment investigating gravity-defying water!
  10. Have a blast creating bubble art:
    Supplies: food coloring (3-4 different colors recommended), bubble solution, bubble wand, card stock paper, 3-4 small ramekins or cups, paper towel

    • Pour a small amount of bubbles in each ramekin or cup.
    • Add 5 drops of food coloring to each ramekin, making each ramekin a different color.
    • Stir your bubbles well with the bubble wand, wiping off the wand with a paper towel in between colors.
    • Lay your card stock paper onto the grass or sidewalk. Dip your wand into the colored bubbles and blow bubbles approximately 6-7 inches away from the card stock.
    • Experiment with blowing different color bubbles on top of each other, does this make the artwork change colors? What color combinations are your favorite?
    • Let dry for approximately 10 minutes and then display!

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