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Steger, Party of 6: Backdoor Barbecue

by Keely Steger

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Tucked along NW 23rd Street is a gem of a restaurant that you just might smell before you see. Backdoor Barbecue was created by the chef and owner of Big Truck Tacos, and six days a week, they are serving up some of the very best smoked meats the city has to offer. 

I used Backdoor for catering but our family had yet to try it firsthand. We figured the best way to experience it was to try a bit of everything and the Grandad's Platter ($30.50) was the perfect vehicle. With the platter, we got pretty generous servings of brisket, turkey, pulled pork, ribs, bologna and sausage as well as three sides. The menu says it feeds two to three, and I would say that's pretty accurate. I knew not all of my kids would be adventurous, so we added some extra smoked turkey ($4.50 per 1/4 pound). My husband and oldest son loved the different sausages and experimented with almost all of the barbecue sauce options. The younger three devoured the turkey and I declared the ribs to be some of the best I've ever had. 

As for sides, we tried the baked beans, coleslaw and fries but there are lots of options. When I've ordered catering, I've always gotten the potato salad because EVERYONE loves it. Backdoor also has burgers and sandwiches, and if you follow them on social media, you can find out what the Beastwich special of the day is. Those can get pretty creative and always look tempting. 

The atmosphere at Backdoor is incredibly family-friendly and our wait time for an early dinner on a Friday was next to nothing. You place your order at the counter and get your own drinks (always a hit with my husband, who can put away the iced tea). The staff was friendly and helpful and answered all the questions we had. As for parking, there are spots along 23rd Street, but that's a busy area, so your best bet to park in the lot behind the restaurant and enter through…the back door. 

While the details aren't out yet, Backdoor announced on Instagram that they are creating a rewards program, with a special rewards card. I for one will be on the look out for that! Six out of six Stegers left dinner with full, happy bellies. Thanks for another great eating experience, OKC!

315 NW 23rd Street

M-Sat 11-9:00

(Closed Sundays)

[Editor's Note: Keely is a regular contributor to our Thrive & Dime blog where she provides tips for eating local with kids.]

Keely Steger works part time for her church, City Pres, and is married to Charles, a physical therapist. They have two boys (11 and 8), and two girls (6 and almost 1). Together the Stegers love to explore the different districts of OKC and find great places to eat! Keely loves reading fiction, Instagram (@stegerpartyof6), Goodwill shopping, writing, coffee and eating. 


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