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Special Moments in Motherhoood

by Mari Farthing

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We all have them, don't we? Those moments when we just want to hide under the covers. Turn off the baby monitor. Lock ourselves in the bathroom for a few moments (hours). Look around and ask "who are you talking to?" when those endless cries of "maaaa-maaaa!" come.

To be clear: there is no shame in this. I believe this is a normal reaction. I love my children, they've taught me so much about life, about myself, about love, about the person that I want to be, about the world I want to change for the better. But sometimes, just for a moment, I want to run in the other direction–and fast.

Because sometimes mom just needs a break.

I love reading books about the "mommy wars"—stay at home versus working mom guilt—and how it works in our society. But I think instead of fighting one another on who is making the better choices (because we cannot ever win that argument), we just need to band together and support one another.

I was out at a public event this weekend and there were all sorts of families there. I was standing in line with my kids, waiting for our turn at a treat, trying my best to keep them entertained. There was a mom a bit further up in line who was struggling with a very fussy toddler. There were a few people in line behind me, saying a few typically snarky comments about the tantrum. But, one woman working nearby saw this mom's struggle, went up to the front of the line and got treats for this woman and her child so they could sit and enjoy their treat. So that toddler could get some comfort. So that mom could get some respite. 

And that's what I'm talking about. I went up to that woman working the event a bit later and told her that I saw what she did, and that I thought it was incredibly thoughtful of her. It's made me think of ways that I can help moms that I see who are just struggling to manage those tough little moments.

Because just like those amazing, life-affirming moments that your children bring, those tough little moments happen.

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