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Can Do Kids Therapy

1073 N Bryant Ave, Ste 100,
Edmond, Oklahoma 73034

At Can Do Kids Therapy, they are a premier provider of pediatric occupational therapy (OT), speech therapy and applied behavior analysis (ABA) services, committed to helping children realize their full potential. Their team comprises highly skilled and compassionate therapists who specialize in crafting personalized treatment plans tailored to the unique needs of each child and family. They employ evidence-based practices and innovative therapeutic techniques to empower children to develop crucial skills in communication, sensory processing, motor coordination, social interaction, and behavior management.

Their approach at Can Do Kids Therapy emphasizes collaboration. They bring together OTs, speech-language pathologists and ABA therapists to create holistic interventions that address all facets of a child's development. Family involvement is paramount to them; they work closely with parents and caregivers to establish goals, offer support, and encourage the application of learned skills in daily life. Within a nurturing environment, they strive to cultivate growth, confidence and independence in children of all ages and abilities. Whether it's surmounting obstacles, acquiring new skills, or enhancing overall quality of life, at Can Do Kids Therapy, they are dedicated to helping every child flourish.

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