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Real Moms of the Metro— Meet Kara-Kae James, Local Mom Blogger

by Mari Farthing

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Kara-Kae James is an open book. She is passionate about her family, her faith and sweet tea—all of which you learn about while visiting her popular “mommy blog,” A married mom of one (a spunky daughter), pregnant with her second and in the stages of planning the adoption of her third, here is a peek into what makes “KK” tick.

What are you passionate about?

Orphans, my church and sweet tea.

How has motherhood changed you?

I fully understand now that it’s really not about me, and everything I do is for my children and my family.

How do you banish stress?

Shopping or taking a break to write alone at Starbucks.

What inspires you?

My husband. He’s the greatest person I know and inspires me to be the best me I can be.

Along with your job as a mom, do you have other employment, either in or outside of the home? If so, what do you do?

I’m a full time stay at home mom, and love every minute of it!

What do you like most about your job?

That it comes with an afternoon nap!

What is on your wish list?

An unlimited supply of McAlister’s sweet tea.

What are you most proud of?

My kids, of course!

What motivates you?

Other moms. Sometimes it can get tough and having great mom friends helps motivate me to be a better mom! Especially adoptive mommies, because we are planning to adopt a couple of kids and my friends help me keep my eye on the goal!

How do you find balance in your life?

Making sure my husband and I get quality time together, and still getting “me time” to keep my head on straight!

Advice for other moms?

Be flexible.

Where are you from originally?

I grew up in Oklahoma but moved away for five years. Just recently I moved back to raise my kids close to family.

What’s the biggest challenge in your life?

Pregnancy. But always worth it in the end!

How do you help others?

I love to encourage moms and wives. We have a big role, and it’s not always easy!

What is your parenting style?

Very laid back. I’m protective of my kids, but will always be flexible and do what works for each individually.

Favorite quote or advice about motherhood?

To sleep when the baby sleeps!

Five Quick Facts about Kara-Kae:

  1. What are 5 words that describe you? Wife, mama, loyal, compassionate and sleepy
  2. What is your favorite indulgence? A big bubble bath and a chick flick
  3. What’s your favorite family outing? Going to the park & feeding the ducks.
  4. What’s your favorite meal to cook for dinner? Roast with carrots & potatoes! Yum!
  5. What’s always in your handbag? Baby wipes & Chapstick.

Mari Farthing is the editor of MetroFamily Magazine.

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