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Meet our Awesome Mom Nominees

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We asked our readers to nominate the outstanding moms, stepmoms, grandmothers, aunts and other caregivers in their lives in our 2021 Awesome Mom contest and we were truly amazed, humbled and inspired by the wonderful stories that we received.

Our editorial team had the difficult task of selecting one winner and two finalists from all the nominees received, and we look forward to sharing their stories with you in our May/June issue.  We also want to pay tribute to the wonderful moms who were nominated, so we are pleased to share these stories with you, in the words of their family and friends who nominated them:

Felicia P.

Felicia is a great mom because she always puts her daughter before anything. She’s always prevailed even when she’s been in the darkest of darkest rooms. Lola gave Felicia a new meaning to live, to love, to friendship, to motherhood, to a better future. Felicia is the realest person I know and I am so proud of her growth.

Eisham  K.

Olga T.

Ever had a craving for mom’s delicious baked desserts? I have. Sometimes, when the craving hits hard I call up my mom and voice the thought. Her typical response: overnighting me a batch of homemade cookies. You see, my mom and I have lived about 5.5 hours away from each other over the last 14 years. I’m what you could call an adult-child. I moved out for college at 18 and she’s still the support pillar in my life. Phone calls have become our norm over the years: general check-ins, teaching moments to adults in this life and she’s still my emergency contact for all things (big & small, real/imagined). They say that each of us writes our own story and while I am doing so, she has been the editor, the manager and the inspiration for much of it.

Lyza L.

Aidee M.

Madre abnegada emprendedora con sus dos hijos que sola y con esfuerzos a alcanzado muchos retos, entre tantos el de venir con ellos de  vacaciones a Oklahoma city a conocer a familiares que nunca habían visto.

Grise P.

Shannon H.  

My stepmom, Shannon, is the epitome of an ‘awesome mom’. From stepping into the role of being my wonderful stepmother seamlessly when I was 5 to mothering two amazing young ladies I’m proud to call my sisters – she is the kindest, most selfless woman I know. Child advocacy has been her life’s work, every role she has played in her life has been at the benefit of children. I wish everyone could have a Shannon in their life, we are so lucky to have her in ours.

Blakely  H.

Eva-Maria S.

Awesome is only a starting point to describe Eva as a mother. She seems to be overqualified at everything she does. She can pick up almost any skill in a day and will immediately apply it to her mothering. She is brilliant beyond words and cares more than one can imagine for our children and humanity. In a single day, she will homeschool our seven-year-old daughter, take our four-year-old son to the therapies he requires due to his rare genetic disease, put three healthy, delicious meals on the table, write and design her book, and breastfeed and care for our three-month-old son. We are beyond lucky to have Eva in our lives.

Truman S.

Nicole B.    

Nicole became the mother of my 4 children starting in her 14th year in the military.  Since then, she has sacrificed so much.  She courageously birthed our first child in 2013, followed by our second in 2018, finishing off our family with twins in 2020. After almost 23 years in the military and 4 children later, she is finally set to retire and be the mom SHE wants to be.

Mike B.

Michelle A.

Michelle is an amazing mom!! She had her first baby in July, just months before she opened up her own chiropractor business. She is the true definition of mom-boss!!

Madison M.

Jordan H.

“Determined.. that word best describes my nominee, my daughter Jordan. At 9, she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. I thought her first question would be, “Can I still play soccer?” but instead it was “Can I still have babies?”

Jordan’s dream of becoming a mom came true in January 2016. After a long hard pregnancy, Jordan developed preeclampsia and delivered her sweet girl 5 weeks early. She refused to leave her baby in the NICU and slept in the hall or waiting room for 16 nights until her girl was well enough to go home. Determined.

Life threw another curve at Jordan in January 2021. She developed Covid pneumonia and was in the ICU alone and gravely Ill for 12 days. Her determination pulled her through. It took lots of hard work and time for her to regain her strength. This May her sweet daughter will welcome a sister! I have been proud of my daughter’s spirit and grit her whole life.

Tracey B.

Ericka L.    

My mother Ericka is a unique mom because of her super ability to love everyone the same. She is the best teacher I have ever had. She is the strongest woman I have ever known! She helps me tremendously with my own children. She has now taken on the task of being a mother again as my brother is having a hard time in life right now. My mother is raising my 5-year-old niece. She is a member of the school PTA, a volunteer and she has just started her own business repurposing and upcycling furniture. Anytime our family needs her, she shows up no matter what. Even if she wasn’t my mother, I would still look up to her as she is a great example of how to be strong and loving in life.

Amber  H.

Monica P.

She is an awesome mom because she is a single parent and has 3 kids, one granddaughter and an extra son she took in when he was 16. She works three jobs so we can have a roof over our heads, food on our table and for us to play sports. She stays out till like 2 a.m. Ubering people around on Saturday nights. She gets home late on school nights from working Amazon deliveries. And she still comes home with a smile on her face. I think that’s what makes her an awesome mom!

Megan  P.

Monica P.

My mom isn’t like a regular mom. She’s a very cool mom, it’s not just that she is super understandable, the best listener and her jokes, OMG her jokes are so corny but they make me laugh, she does the absolute world for us. She gives us money, buys us whatever we want, whenever we want something, even when she doesn’t have the funds. She always makes a way. She loves me no matter what, even when I fail. She’s the first person to pick me right back up. She’s the kindest soul a person could meet. She’s always willing to take in others like my brother for example. She took him in when he was 16 because he got kicked out & was living on the streets. She’s a single mom who took great care of all of us kids & her grandchild.

Alex P.

Lakresha F.

Lakresha is a breathtaking mother for countless reasons. She holds her head up through both the highs and the lows. The relationship she has with me, her daughter, she didn’t get to have with her mom. She constantly tries to teach and guide me in the right direction. Without a doubt, she would try to spread her faith and her love for God to whoever needs to hear it. Lakresha wants what is best for everyone and bends over backwards to assure people are the best they can be. I couldn’t even begin to think that there is another mom out there able to compete with mine.

AuShae F.

Anmoldeep D.

Anmoldeep has 2 sweeties, one is 4 years and the other one is only 7 months. The amazing thing is that I had only 5 days rest after delivery and then I did everything by my own responsibilities. Handling 2 kids is hard but I did it. My husband is also supportive but after a week, he went to work. I am very grateful to show you that I  am a gorgeous mother of two and also studying nursing and handling house activities too. I am proud of myself!

Heidi C. 

My mom, Heidi, is a wonderful mother. she is loving, caring, kind and funny. she is there for us when we need her and she is a great person to have as a mother. She is the greatest mom in the world and she means the world to me.

Caleb B.

Monica B. 

My mother, Monica, is the best mother ever. she is super funny, very kind and loving. She is always there for us and never lets us down. She is the best shoulder to cry on and the best person to laugh with. She is always there to care and tend for me and my family. she is the best person in the world and she means the world to me. She loves me and will always love me and she would do anything for her kids. She is my mom and she is the best mom ever.

Aaron B.

Rhonda S. 

My mother is one of the strongest women I know. She has two biological children, myself and my brother, Hunter. When Hunter was born, there were complications in the delivery room, leaving my brother diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Hunter was not supposed to live past the age of 5. However, he lived to be 23 years old and I believe it was purely because of my mother’s love and dedication to taking care of him every day. Hunter was fully dependent, and unable to walk, talk or eat without a feeding tube. He is an incredible story on his own. Hunter passed away in April 2020. Since then my mom has also lost her mom. My mom went through a horrible divorce in 2002 and has faced so many obstacles since. She is so beautiful, kind, patient and so much more. She has now dedicated her life to her nonprofit, Celebrating Together, which is an organization dedicated to offering joy and inclusion to the special needs community through a variety of social events. My mom deserves this, she deserves a break, somewhere to find herself after all of her heartaches.

Bailey S.


Her amazing “momness” began the day she gave birth! Rowan was born a couple weeks before Covid was full force. Her priority has always been to love that baby girl and our son with her whole being! She does this while working a part-time job, going to school, being there for our son who has to work a lot of overtime as a 911 Supervisor, helping her family members take care of ailing grandparents, spending nights at the hospital with her dad while he was suffering from Covid pneumonia, going to funerals of close friends and the list goes on. She is the most thoughtful young lady. She is the epitome of an awesome mom.

Bill & Chris W.

Michele M.

I’m a mom myself, so I understand just a touch of what it’s like to parent. What I can’t fathom is raising 7 kids and schooling them all yourself! That kind of sacrifice — giving up her entire self — is beyond inspirational. We may not always see eye-to-eye… maybe even less now than ever before! But I will always be grateful for the ways Michele gave of herself so she could provide what she felt was best for her kids. I hope she knows that, even if my parenting looks different on the outside, it’s driven by the same kind of sacrifice that she modeled for me.

Jessica C.

Emily P. 

Emily’s strength has always amazed me. She was bullied in school due to hair loss caused by personal problems in our home. She had one friend throughout her school years. She struggled for every good grade she got. She went on to graduate from OCU in child development on the Dean’s list for high marks. She married a great man, who has supported her in everything. She has two beautiful boys, one born at 28 weeks premature, but nothing has stopped her. I am proud to call my daughter.

Silbia E.

Cheyenne N. 

I am nominating myself because I feel like I’ve done a pretty fantastic job so far. I am an addict. My children were removed from my care in 2017 for drug use. I did not get clean right away. My heart had been ripped out of my chest. I got clean on June 14, 2018, and have been clean ever since. I got custody of my children back and I now work with other parents going through the DHS system, trying to get their children back in their care. I get to support them and love them and care for them when they don’t have that support at the moment. I get to help them know that there is another way of life and it is possible to recover.

Julie R. 

My mom is one of my favorite people, and many others as well. She is a mom to many in that she is always thinking about others and offers to help. She is someone that many go to when they need to talk and she is always there to listen and support them. She has an amazing ability to understand and communicate with different people. Every person that meets my mom loves her!

Two of her biggest fans are her grandchildren. We have been so lucky to have my mom living next door to us. She makes an impact on every life she touches but also her community. Volunteering for the PTA, working and developing degree programs at OU, and being elected to the local school board, are just some of the things she has done to make a difference. I have always looked up to her not only for being able to make time for others, but also for herself.

As a mom now, I hope to follow her path of making a difference in the lives of my children and others! Having my mom by my side, makes me feel like I can do anything and I have always been proud to call her mine! She is a super mom for sure and anyone you ask would agree!

Kitty S.

Christin K. 

Moms earn the challenge of balancing all the details that go into keeping a household running. Christin does this naturally, but she also gets the challenge of balancing many of the details that go into marketing and communications at the YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City. If you see her in action, and if she has the chance to stop and chat, she will go on and on about the meaningful work the YMCA is up to but she never forgets to share a funny story or a silly picture of her beautiful girls. Her candid anecdotes on being a mama who is balancing a career and raising two girls are refreshing. Her unapologetic honesty and kindness inspire all around her– “working moms,” “stay-at-home moms” or “dog moms.”

Sarah H.

Shante D. 

I know many women who deserve this recognition, and I truly wish I could nominate them all.   This year, I’ll nominate Shante to be recognized.  Recently, she and her husband added their first child together to their beautiful family, but she was a mom long before this.  She did not miss a beat to fulfill the maternal role to the two handsome boys her husband has from a prior relationship, long before she became his Mrs. even!!! She’s welcomed them as her sons immediately and it’s evident that they love her just as much. On top of all the qualities that make her a distinguished mom, she wears the cape of a superhero, working as a dedicated nurse through the pandemic.  This beautiful soul is definitely a fierce mama bear that protects, treasures and loves her children selflessly and she needs to know that her efforts don’t go unnoticed!

Stacey C.

Dottie Nash

My mom is beyond an awesome mom, words barely describe her! She is a domestic violence and cancer survivor and my hero! She’s smart and beautiful. She has been up and down and stays strong through it all. She is my foundation and my strength to never give up! She takes care of all her kids past age 18 and supports her grandchildren.  I’m thankful for her never giving up on herself or me. Her struggle has made us strong and independent. She is my best friend and role model. I know my mom may not believe all this but this is what I and her grandkids see and we couldn’t ask for a better grandmother and mom ❤

Kayla K.

Lisa A. 

My mom is an awesome mom because she is strong. She raised not only her 4 kids by herself, but I have since gained a stepbrother, plus she is a mom to my dad’s kids as well. She has been working for the same company for 22 years and just last Friday stepped away from her position there. I have never seen her thrive more than she is now. This woman is resilient. She is the most caring person and always puts everyone else’s needs before her own and I feel like it’s time she was pampered!

Amber C.

Ashley K.

My mom is fun and loves to take us to playgrounds. My mom is very patient and kind. She homeschools her 4 kids and takes care of baby April.

Emma K.

Lisa N. 

My mom is an awesome mom because she has worked hard my whole life to raise 3 kids and be a wife at the same time. She has always been there for us and has always had our back no matter what. My mom will be 60 yrs old this year and still works 40 hrs a week or more at her job. She and my dad have never been on vacation and words can’t explain how much she deserves it.  My mom is the best because no matter what she goes through or how bad of a day she might have, she is still going to have a smile on her face. Love you, Mom!

Dustie T.

Alison D. 

Alie has been an amazing mother to my children throughout our time as parents. Parenthood began for us through adoption. This boy, who has special needs, came to the school I was working at in Colorado. After a year there, I had heard that he had lost his mother and lived with his grandmother. His grandmother was thinking of the long term for him and decided to look for a young couple to adopt him. When I spoke to Alie about it, she was ready to step up for this beautiful boy immediately. Her kindness and compassion are limitless. She is always there for our kids no matter what. After adopting Lucas and moving back to Oklahoma, we welcomed Nora into the family. Our first newborn baby was a challenging experience, but Alie excelled at being a mother to our baby girl. She continued to take on the hardship of parenting throughout the pandemic. I have no idea where we would be without her as our rock. We found out in 2020 that we were expecting twins in June 2021. This of course was an exciting surprise and again Alie stepped up and carried the babies to full term! Rosie and Ralphie could not have a better mom. She is everything to our kids. Alie is an inspiring and amazing mother to our children. I think she deserves an Awesome Moms Award!

Micah D.

Jessica N. 

She is an amazing mom and she cares for everyone!! She is always kind, loving, helpful, and funny. We love her so much and she should obviously be nominated for the Awesome Mom award.  She also always listens to what other people have to say and she listens to their ideas. She grew up in Illinois and was the oldest out of 4 children. She always gave her younger siblings advice and compliments to make them feel confident and ready for the life ahead of them. She is a great mom!!

Vivian N.

Takayla P. 

The reason I am nominating this mom is because she is a new mom to a baby girl. Takayla is 18 years old and is definitely one of the best parents I have ever met. She’s so patient and loving. She also lost a child not too long ago and she is still holding on. She is always with her baby. She’s currently been out of work for the past year but still makes sure her child has everything she needs. She is honestly the best at being a mom.

Desmond H.

Becky W. 

This awesome woman has three adventurous boys and one sweet baby girl that calls her mom! She is on the worship team at church and an interpreter for the deaf community and started a foundation for the deaf in Moldova. She cares for others first and has the biggest heart. She is an inspiring mother and woman!

Caitlin D.

Mai P. 

Mai is a mother to 3 amazing children. A lifetime of Christian values has geared Mai to be a mother. Her passion is for the life and family she has been given. Humbleness is part of her spirit, it comes naturally to her, and her family mirrors it. She is involved in all aspects of their lives and enjoys every minute with her kids. Mai is an excellent role model. If she was a superhero, her superpower would be her determination. She is a full-time retail pharmacy manager in Edmond for Mercy and has worked for Mercy for 21 years. She was awarded OU outstanding young alumni in 2015. She is godmother to 2 other kids, has volunteered as a Sunday school teacher and has worked as an adjunct professor for OU.


Stephanie M. 

Stephanie has been motherly long before having her own children. Being the oldest child, she would help our single hard-working mother with the house, with cooking, and looked out for my brother and me. This was something she chose to do out of love for our mom and her little siblings. We often joke that she was “mini mom.” She is a mother to four children now and devotes her time to supporting and nurturing their individual gifts. She is a Native American Army Veteran that served our country for about 10 years. She developed PTSD and physical conditions during her time in service, but she chose/chooses to power through with the help of focus on mental health and physical health. She serves as a mentor for Wounded Warrior Project, as well as other veteran groups. Stephanie has also served at numerous events held by Autism Oklahoma with inspiration coming from her youngest son. Stephanie is an amazing mother that makes sure her family is cared for and that involves making sure to take care of herself as well. She builds her family up, builds others up and inspires/teaches me when it comes to raising my own children.

Kiley S.

Julie C. 

Julie is a mother of many including the women of Grace Home maternity home. Many of these women have been rescued from trafficking or homelessness and are seeking stability as they prepare for motherhood. Julie and her husband are on-site directors and mentors showering love and wisdom on the women and their children. She has also raised 8 of her own children whom she homeschooled, one of whom has been a state senator. Their children now have their own families and contribute to Grace Home through their various gifts and skills. Over the years since Grace Home opened, Julie has helped hundreds of women become confident as mothers because she herself is such an extremely excellent mom.

Selynda V.

Amanda H. 

She is the mother to my three children, 10 (boy), 6 (girl), and 4 (boy). We’ve been married for 12 years. This mother also works a full-time position as a Physical Therapist for Mercy Hospital.  She deserves an awesome mom award because is the glue to our family. Most mornings, she gets the children ready for school; most evenings, she cooks our family a healthy meal, so we can eat dinner together.  She maintains the house, like doing all the laundry, getting the groceries, and keeping up with mail.  It is hard work and often goes unnoticed.  One small example of her “extra” awesomeness, despite her busy schedule, she organized getting our family’s portraits taken this year in time to use them to send out 100s of Christmas cards to our friends and family.  This included getting all of us ready for those pictures with outfits, haircuts, scheduling, etc.  Then, she designed and decorated a Christmas card, using those pictures. Finally, she stuffed every envelope and addressed them all without any help.

Kenneth H.

Morgan W. 

Morgan is the best mom I could ever ask for to be raising my children. She worked a full-time job while earning her bachelor’s degree and helping me raise both our children. Morgan also did all this while homeschooling our kids when the pandemic was at its worse. She is a kind, brave and courageous mother who sets an amazing example for both our children while also making me the luckiest, most blessed husband on earth.

Michael W.

Ashley M. 

Ashley is the mother to 5 kids, one of which she gave birth to. She has also been raising her stepdaughter for many years. Last year, she and her husband began fostering three more children ages 3, 7, and 12, when their niece and nephew were in need of a safe home to stay. They hope to adopt all three kids this year, adding them to their family for good. She has the biggest heart of anyone I know and is an awesome, fun, reliable, hard-working, kind, loving mom.

Ashley W.

Sky C. 

My mom is so more than an awesome mom – she is an amazing advocate, cares about her community and uses her experiences and skills to help others. I have two sisters with disabilities – one with an ultra-rare genetic syndrome called Malan Syndrome and one with a form of nocturnal epilepsy. My mom has used her platform to advocate for all Oklahomans with disabilities and for students with disabilities. She has served on our local school board as well as helping countless parents advocate for their children as well. In 2020, we lost my 17-year-old sister to suicide and my mom has continued to advocate with grace and fierceness helping other families. I am so proud of her and thankful for her. Awesome mom doesn’t even start to cover it.

Lauren C.

Lauren R. 

I nominate my best friend Lauren. She’s a single mom of 2 beautiful girls they are 12 and 3. Lauren has always been a very very hard-working mom. She’s very intelligent, she’s very funny, very loving. Before I moved to Oklahoma, I lived in San Antonio Texas. Because of Covid, I lost my job loss. I lived in a minivan for 4 months. When Lauren found out I was living in my car, she had me get my kids, all of our stuff that I owned at the time and I drove 9 hours to Oklahoma. She opened her doors to me and my kids, never asked for a dime, she never complained.  I moved into an apartment and my kids are happy all because of Lauren. She’s an amazing woman.

Autumn D.

Rindi L. 

My mom has always been there for me when I need it, especially through the past few years with the pandemic. She brightens up my day with her cheesy memes and dad jokes. Whenever she finds the time to, she will play games or just hang out with me and my brother. We all enjoy laying in her bed on weekend nights and watching movies. Overall, she is definitely the best mom.❤️

Stella D.

Micaela L. 

Micaela is the most positive, unconditionally selfless person I know. Even when life circumstances are rotten, she approaches each day with a smile and servant spirit. She has two little girls, whom she loves with every ounce of her existence and tells them every day, multiple times a day. She believes in them, encourages them, and always leads by example in kindness and positivity. Her positivity isn’t bubbly, overwhelming, or toxic – she is genuinely happy and wants to spread that joyfulness to those around her! She learned this from her own mother, who passed away of Parkinson’s disease in 2019. Micaela was her mom’s very best friend, taking care of her through the diagnosis, and helping her family through their darkest days. She continues to be a light to us all, almost radiating positivity! In passing, you would never know she is working multiple jobs as the sole provider for her daughters, and still giving one hundred percent to her students. In Micaela’s mind, everyone gets a fresh start every single day. She loves genuinely and wants everyone to feel at ease, as well as special. She sees the good in everyone, sees the positive side of situations, and spreads this gratefulness and goodness to her daughters. She inherited this from her mother and passes it on to her daughters every day.

Rebecca S.

Maura A. 

My wife goes above and beyond for our family. It all started when I has stage 4 cancer in high school and my girlfriend/best friend stuck by my side through 4.5 years of treatment. My wife did NOT come from a healthy home so she learned how to be a good caregiver. Quickly followed by 5 years of infertility struggles due to my treatment. My wife wanted to be a mom so badly that she fundraised to get us there. She has so far given me 1 amazing son and beautiful twin daughters. My wife is also recently the sole provider of our family. She works so hard to provide for us.  One of our twins was born with a health concern and to say that that was hard on my wife would be an understatement. Our twins are both perfectly healthy now. And now she is also exclusively pumping and I know she sort of hates it but does it without question. I could go on and on or into more detail but I’ll leave it there. She’s the most selfless, loving, comforting person I know and I am so proud of everything she has done for me and our family.

Dillion A.

Georgie T. 

My mom is awesome because she is funny. She takes us on fun family trips like to the Zoo and the beach. I like my mom because she helps us clean and makes us breakfast. She makes the best French toast. There are lots of things I love about my mom but these are my favorite.

Juliet G.

Mary M. 

Now that I’m a mom, I understand how wonderful my own mother is and how blessed I’ve been to have been raised by her. She was, and still is, undeservedly patient with my sister and me, gave wise advice that stemmed from her own life experiences, and did her best to guide and encourage us according to our strengths while still respecting our autonomy. Now I get to enjoy watching her love my daughter.

Alyssa P.

Haley H. 

Haley is a wonderful mom to Lowen. He is almost 5 and very strong-willed! 🙂 Haley explains to him why she is asking him to do something, handles with him with kindness and love but also firmness. She rewards him for good behaviors, they never go unnoticed! He loves her and respects her. They have an unbreakable bond and shared a journey that most will never know about because she is so strong and a great mom!

Sandy R.

Sanaya J. 

She’s so strong. Her testimony has been a long battle but recently she lost her boyfriend and daughter’s dad when their baby was 9 months old. Even after he died, she carried on her own business and just so his legacy wouldn’t die with him. Now she’s getting her Ph.D. She’s amazing! She gave herself time to heal but never gave up.

Sarai W.

Heather M. 

Heather is nurse anesthetist at a metro OKC hospital and has been right on the frontlines during the pandemic.  She is the mother of our two precious twin girls who started kindergarten this school year.  Somehow she manages to work full time and always be there for our family.  From volunteering at the elementary school to teaching the values of Girl Scouts and the intricacies of tap and ballet to our girls, she is always on point!  Heather, the girls and I love and value you more than you know!

Matt M.

Darla M.

My mother-in-law is a saint. She’s been helping me take care of my girls while my husband is deployed overseas with the OKCANG. I’m a teacher and it’s been a tough year. She is always there to lend a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen to, or even to watch my kids when they’re sick or when this mama just needs a night to herself. A lot of people complain about their mother-in-law, but I really lucked out.

Bethany M.

LeBetta T. 

My mom is awesome because she puts the O in mom and without that you can’t have mom. My mom is a cancer survivor and a few years ago I found out I was pregnant. During this time, she was diagnosed with lung cancer and while fighting her own battle my dad was diagnosed with a brain tumor and between all this and daily life struggles, I eventually had the baby. She was my hero.

One day my mother was very sick from the cancer and we went to the hospital and nobody would stay with her so me and my newborn did just that and he was not having it he cried and cried. I had no idea what to do. While laying in the hospital bed hooked up to all these wires, she said let me have my baby and she laid him between her legs and that was the end of all that crying. My mom is so awesome because she has these O moments and through it all, she has put herself aside and does what a superhero does.

During my dad’s surgery for his brain tumor, she allowed him to have his surgery first and once again set herself aside. My superhero eventually got her day for surgery and has been cancer-free. We have always struggled with finances and I remember being little and so poor the door had to be taken from its hinge and laid on a paint bucket so we could have a kitchen table to eat on. I could go on and on but I would run out of room.

Huyen C.

Ashlee F. 

Ashlee is mom to Lydia, age 3 and Stella, 11 months. She works full-time as a cardiovascular sonographer on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays so that she can stay at home with her girls during the week while their dad teaches school. (He’s pretty awesome too, by the way.) My daughter always seems to find the time and energy to do special things with her girls such as weekly trips to the library, visiting museums or playing at the park. She also takes time to choose a theme of the week for her oldest daughter to learn about, tying books and activities into a fun lesson. Family time is also important and she always makes time for her daughters to play with their 5 cousins that live nearby and to have weekly dinners with her in-laws and also with my husband, myself and her brother. Watching my daughter become a mom has been a heartwarming experience but watching her become an awesome mom is indescribable. My granddaughters are so blessed to call her Mom!

Laura C.

Laura S. 

My mom has her hands full with five kids. But that doesn’t keep her from volunteering in the community in a million ways. She loves her work with the Junior League of Oklahoma City. With that group, she has helped organize a prom for the OU Children’s Hospital and she even took my brothers to help rebuild the playground at the Oklahoma City Zoo. She has worked on committees for various nonprofit events in the metroplex and still finds time to sub at Deer Creek schools and help me with my homework. She loves making homemade meals for us that are healthy and teaches us how to make meals ourselves. My favorite thing is to be in the kitchen with her. I love to plan meals and grocery shop for them on a budget. She makes it a fun challenge but it’s also great bonding time with my brothers and sisters.

Olivia S.

Gabby R. 

Gabby is a young lady who is doing everything she can to make her life better for her and her little daughter. Gabby is a single mother that works full time, goes to college part-time, and is a great example to her daughter. Gabby knows that she wants to provide a better life for her little daughter, and the only way is to go back and finish her college dreams of going into the health profession. She has her good days and her bad days, but she keeps going, no matter what.

Justine S.

Sharon G. 

My mom is not just the backbone of our family but, of all relationships she’s a part of. She has owned her own home daycare for 31 years and the love she shows for those babies and the impact she’s had on their lives speaks volumes. She’s always that person that is there for everyone and you never know when she’s going through something because the smile on her face never disappears. I can only hope to be the positive, loving, God-fearing woman she is.

Jalessia G.

Sue T. 

My mom is awesome as she has been so supportive and helpful to my entire family. She is always there to guide me in the raising of my own children and to support me when I am struggling with raising teenagers in a world full of cellphones and challenges. She is my best friend and we love to go on vacations together and to go shopping together.

Dianna S.

Sharon G. 

Sharon has been a great role model for so many! She has cared for kids for over 30 years. She has cared for 3 generations in my family. I feel that she deserves this reward for being such a positive member of our community.

Douglas P.

Sharon G. 

Sharon is not only a mom to her 5 children, but she was like a second mom to my daughter. My daughter attended her home daycare for 3 years. She taught my daughter how to read and write by the age of 2. She had her potty trained before she turned 2. She taught him manners and how to pray. I am still very thankful for her and all she has done for my child. She has been in business for over 30 years and has poured into many children.

Jasmine G.

Dorothy D.

My mother Dorothy is probably one of the best people around. My mom never had it easy from the start of life at only three years old she watched her father murder her mother. After that, she and her siblings lived with their aunt who did horrible things to them to the point that my mom was emancipated at the young age of 14 years old. My mom has been on her own since she was 15 years old. At the young age of 16, she got mixed up with an older guy and ended up getting pregnant. She then made the difficult decision to give her baby up for adoption knowing that she couldn’t give her the best life that she wanted to.

Fast forward to a few years later, my mom got her life together, got a job, her own place. She was doing well in life and she met my father. A year later, they were pregnant with me. My father became abusive and my mom left him. It was just me and my mom and she had to figure everything out. My mom meets my dad. I was adopted by him. They got married and had my little sister. We had a pretty good life until my parents got divorced.

My mom ended up with a lot of medical conditions and she is now disabled and can no longer work. But no matter what my mom faced, she always put her own fears and doubts aside to make sure that me and my sister were taken care of. All I remember growing up is love. My mom would give the shirt off her back to anybody. She has given, given, given her entire life. But when is it her turn for some recognition? I can’t think of anybody that deserves this more than my mom. She truly is an angel and she has been through more than any person should ever have to go through.

Christa D.

Krystal C.

Krystal is a beautiful full-time mother to three awesome young men.  While doing this job, she has just earned her Master’s degree too.  She was nominated and is now the next President of the NAACP, all while being a small business owner of Kolur Me Bold. Krystal is a designer of kids and adult clothing. Being a single mother has not slowed this mother down at all, actually, it may have made her even more determined to show her sons how to get things done! When I met Krystal, I just encouraged her to go for her dreams while she is young. Not to wait, it’s easier while the boys were young. I believe she has done a wonderful job. I am proud to call her a friend. I know her sons are proud to call her MOM!

Cindy F.


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