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Meet our Awesome Mom Nominees

We asked our readers to nominate the outstanding moms, stepmoms, grandmothers, aunts and other caregivers in their lives in our 2020 Awesome Mom contest and we were truly amazed, humbled and inspired by the wonderful stories that we received.

Our editorial team had the difficult task of selecting one winner from all the nominees received, and we look forward to sharing her story with you in our May issue.  We also want to pay tribute to the wonderful moms who were nominated, so we are pleased to share these stories with you, in the words of their family and friends who nominated them:

Mallory is an extraordinary mom. She is a single mom of a boy and a girl. Her son has some health issues and she handles all the curveballs thrown at her with grace. She is always there for her friends and family and she never complains. She gives so much of herself to her family and never asks for anything in return. If anyone deserves to be named an Awesome Mom, it is Mallory. – Karina

Jenny goes out of her way with her family, friends and community. She is always thinking of others. She volunteers at school helping teachers, children and families. She is thoughtful and kind. She has a big heart and lots of love to give. She is an inspiration to me to be a better mother and friend. She shows her children how to love others through her actions and words.  – Amy

Rosa is an amazing mother with so many good qualities. She has been at her lowest many times, but manages to bring herself back up. She rarely shows any signs of weakness. Rosa is always giving it her very best, always willing to help and provide anyone with any knowledgeable information to help out. Also likes to spoil the people she loves with hugs and warmth. Rosa has been such a great mother to her three boys (ages 24, 23 and 17). She also has a grandbaby that she truly adores and will do anything in the world just to see her family happy. Besides all her good qualities, she is always so beautiful, treating others to the best.

Lisa is an awesome mom because she would literally do anything for her five kids. Raising us alone, she has been through really hard times and I just want her to be able to relax because we are all grown now and she still bends over backwards for us. I just want to pay it back. – Amber

Maricela, my wife, is a stay-at-home mom and always stays on top of all of it. I am a first responder and spend many, many hours away from home and she has done an amazing job taking care of every issue we have at home while I am gone. She is a great role model in raising and taking care of the kids and the house. We have no family or friends here since we have only lived here in OKC for about three years and she stays strong in maintaining a great way of life for our family. She is just an amazing wife, mother, woman.

Sherry, my mom, has sacrificed so much for everybody else all my life.  She stayed home and homeschooled us because she felt led by God. She now is a nurse that sacrifices her time for others. She tries to make others feel loved in everything she does. She gives gifts to her daughters that are mothers on Mother’s Day. She’s nothing if not generous.   – Amy

My sweet Jojo was a little more difficult for me to send off to Kindergarten than his two older siblings . The first day of school, I received a picture text from Jennifer of him smiling and sitting at the lunch table. This picture had duel meaning for a mom of a food allergy kid. She wasn’t just letting me know he was having a good day, she was letting me know that despite his difficult decision to sit at a segregated “allergy” table he was still having fun with a new friend who chose to sit with him. Such a simple gesture to calm a worried momma’s heart. I came to find out later I wasn’t the only momma to get a text that day. I am pretty sure she sent every momma an encouraging picture on the1st day of school. This teacher doesn’t just teach my child. She is like a second momma to him.  Can you believe she even sent me a birthday text for my son over Christmas break? Who does that? A friend told me, her son, who is now in 6th grade still gets a birthday text from her every year.

One morning, I witnessed her hug and encourage every kid as they walked through the door before class started. This woman is more than an educator.  Rumor has it she even taught through chemo treatments because she couldn’t bear not being there for her kinder-babes. Jennifer deserves all the awards.  – April

Dawn, my mom, is the hardest working person I know. She has given my sister and I continuous support, whether it be through helping us with graduate school and medical school applications, or volunteering to live an hour and a half away from her husband so my dad would be able to be a live-in “nanny” for my sister so she could complete medical school. She would drive up every weekend, the only time she was able to see him for two years. Additionally, my mom has been by my dad’s side through three organ transplants, now waiting on a fourth. She schedules all his appointments, manages all the payments and fights with insurance, and helps him remember to take pills. She is the sole provider for me, my dad, my sister and my niece. She also took my boyfriend in and has helped him navigate enrolling in college, getting braces and finding ways to make money to pay for school. She does all this without ever complaining. She is also funny, witty and tough as can be! 250 words is not nearly enough to describe how amazing she is.

Kayelyn is an awesome mom because she works full time, but rarely does an event go by at the school that she doesn’t organize, volunteer for or oversee. She has four kids  and, even when they attended three different schools, she poured her heart into each school. As an avid Thunder fan, she will take a suburban load of kids to greet the Thunder at the airport during playoffs. She has touched many children through her tutoring – like half of Edmond. Not only does she tutor, but she becomes their friend and an adult students can turn to for support too. Strong women, like Kayelyn, leave a positive imprint on the lives of developing girls.  – Beth

I nominate Jodi as an awesome mom because she is a determined, driven and intentional mother.  Her and I recently went through a divorce due to my addiction and she continues to stay strong for the boys while I was not present in the family. She holds down a stressful job, has time to train for triathlons, and qualified for the Boston marathon all while taking care of our two boys. She busts her butt daily and has really show resilience through a difficult time. I think she deserves recognition due to her strong will and perseverance showing that moms really are some of the strongest people on earth. She’s truly an awesome mom and I’m thankful our boys have her in their life! – Bill

Jennifer has been two of my sons’ kindergarten teacher. However, she’s not just their teacher…when they’re at school, they’re truly her babies. She loves them as her own. This is evident even in her former student who is now a 5th grader. She’s an amazing mom and second mom to all her “babies”. – Jamie

Brittni is an awesome mom. She is always looking for ways for our girls to grow, such as sensory play, story times and outdoor play. She allows our oldest (age 3) to bake and cook with her. She is always giving hugs and kisses to the girls and posts about them all the time on social media. She absolutely loves the girls and they adore her back. We love her. – Brad

Donna is an awesome mom. I say this knowing she struggled for over 20 years with addiction to substances and alcohol. She is also a person with mental illness. Regardless she raised both of her daughters as a single mother with only herself and her higher-power, God, to rely on. She also managed to become the executive director and founder of a non-profit organization for people who are in recovery. All the long days and nights she poured into work didn’t compare to the time she spent at awards ceremonies, choir performances, games and practices. Not to mention the house staying clean and bellies staying full. She is an awesome mom because she had struggles, overcame them, and now teaches others how to do the same. She has raised her daughters who now both work at the organization as well. This family disease went from taking from her family to giving her family back their mom and a legacy to be proud of. She continues to support her daughters in any way she can, one still in college, and also has two grand-children that adore their grandma!  An awesome mom isn’t perfect, she simply gives her heart day after day and her children know that she will never give up on them. – Brandi

Cheryl is my angel on earth. She is a true light in so many people’s lives! She was a foster mom for my daughter when she had no one. She found me on Facebook when the world turned their back on me. She led me to a life without drugs and helped me be the mom I was meant to be. Six years later we are sisters, maybe not blood, but you would never know the difference. She has five kids of her own. She loves my newest addition like her own. If angels walk on earth, she is one for sure! – Brandy

I am nominating my mom, Stephanie, because she’s simply the best mom in the world! Now that I’m a mom I hope to be just like her and I’m happy my son has a grandmother like her! She works full time and has never had a spa day and I think she deserves it! She has always been there for anything my three brothers, sister and I need. My mother is currently working full time taking care of all of us even though three of us are already grown up. To me, she’s a super mom and deserves a day at the spa. – Britney

Pam has so many wonderful traits and I’m happy to say that some have filtered to me and my two older sisters. We all know that family is so important. A lesson learned at home as kids when we were the Eeds 5. She has lead by example in showing us how to be rock star moms. She is so generous, loving and pretty on the inside and out. She is my babysitter. I see her pour into my son and he benefits so much from spending quality time with her. She is also the best neighbor in town to my family. How lucky am I that I live across the street from the home I grew up in? Need toilet paper, she has extra. Need help with my dogs, she is there. Need your mommy to make you feel better, she is there. My mom is so deserving of recognition! – Nicole

Jennifer is an amazing and attentive nurturer. She is a loving mom at home and a second mom to all of the kids in her kindergarten class. As a mom of one of her students, I see the countless ways she pours her heart into her “kids.” She is so attentive to each child’s individual needs, including educational, emotional and social. She constantly searches for ways to build up each child and ensure they feel important and valued. She has dedicated her life to pouring love into her own children and anyone else in her life. She has had a remarkable impact on my family and personally inspires me to be a better mom daily. – April

Kristin is the kind of mom I aspire to be. She is a hard working ranch wife and a home school mom. She is not perfect, but she is honest and real. She supports, respects and honors her husband. She guides and leads her children with integrity. I have never heard her utter one negative word about someone. Her words lift others up and encourage. She is an amazing cook, who not only cooks from scratch, but also teaches this skill to her children. She instills values in her children such as hardwork, problem solving and how to overcome failure. She loves God and loves her family. I admire how she is preparing her children for their future by teaching them skills to navigate the adult world independently. In an age where parents do or fix everything for their children to make life easier, Kristin is teaching her three children how to learn, overcome and succeed in life. To me, that is an “Awesome Mom!”  – Beth

Amber is a single mother of three kids. She works a state job and doesn’t make a lot of money but she provides for her kids. They excel in school, are in sports, and they never lack for anything. She sacrifices so her kids have everything they need. She attends their sports events, and is center in their lives at all times. She tirelessly provides for them and they are the most well adjusted loved kids which a true reflection of her. – Deborah

Clara is always available to help. No matter how little sleep she’s gotten. She works nights and still watches our youngest during the day during the week. All she wants to do is provide and spend time with our kids. – Chad

Despite suffering health affects related to almost three decades of migraines, Becky continues to go out of her way to make sure she helps anyone who asks for help. Very proud of her.  – Eric

Rhonda, my mom, is awesomely amazing & I haven’t given her the credit she is due! My mom is not just a mom to me, but she is a mom to the community. She has raised myself & my two brothers with my dad, to be loving, caring, forgiving and most of all carefree individuals. She is what you would call an authoritarian parent. She was loving and assertive to us at all times where we had no questions on where we fit into her life. The fun part of her is that she gives that same love to others who may be lacking in the areas of love security. She volunteers with SO many organizations & strives for excellence in ALL that she does. She is in her final semester of getting her master’s degree to become a Licensed Marriage & Family Counselor & I couldn’t be more proud of her. She sets out to complete every task that she puts her mind to & teaches others to do the same. If you want something done, just ask her, she doesn’t take no for an answer & is not afraid to ask for whatever is needed to make something better from WHOMEVER. She meets no strangers & becomes best friends with everyone she encounters. I would LOVE for my mom to win this contest as what she has instilled in me has become a pattern & allowed me to instill in my daughter. – Shaye

I admire April because she became a mother to two great step children that were not her own, children from a dysfunctional family and bad environment. She stepped in and provided love and encouragement and taught them that even though life may deal you a bad blow that there are others willing to sacrifice time and energy to help them become all that they can be in life, to be productive human beings and to realize that life is worth living. She has provided stability and a place to feel comfortable. A place filled with love and trust. In turn, she has grown as a person, having given of herself so much. She has invested her time, energy and patience and most of all LOVE. I admire her so much and her heart is so beautiful! She is the most unselfish person I have ever met. She accepts nothing in return but deserves everything in my book. I am proud to be part of her life! – Terri

Laura is the perfect example of an awesome mom. As a mother of three teens and a wife, Laura can be a pretty busy person. However, she is really wise as to managing her time. She is consistently putting her kids before her. She wakes up early in the morning to make sure her daily duties are completed. Even though she is tired, she keeps going and makes sure her kids have everything they need before she drives them to school. Laura loves her kids so much that she would do anything she can to make sure her kids are happy and healthy. Her goal is to educate her children to become good and successful people of society. Many tell her that she is very good mom. Outside of her family, she is also very hardworking woman. She is able to balance out many things such as errands, activities for each of her kids, conduct bills, being a faithful follower of Christ, working two jobs, and also being a loyal partner to her husband. Laura is an amazing, hustling mom that deserves to be recognized. – Jessica

Ashley has two handsome rainbow baby boys. She works part time to contribute to her household but still be a stay at home mom. She shuffles schedules to make sure her older son gets and receives what he needs requiring therapy for anxiety and mild form of autism. She acknowledges her own need for counseling. She will jump in to help spread awareness or raise money for kids’ organizations. She will help other moms struggling. She is the quietest person I know with the biggest heart and never expects anything in return. She loves secretly lifting people up without the credit. Her boys are her world and she manages to do everything else described above without taking away from them. You can tell she is an awesome mom just by the way her 2 year old and 6 month old look at her. Their love for their momma says it all. – Jessica

Jodi, my mom, is absolutely amazing. One year ago, she and my father uprooted their lives and moved from San Diego to be here in Norman to be closer to her grandkids. Now that she is here, her day starts very early. She wakes up at 5am to make my father coffee and breakfast before he goes to work. Then she gets my 9-year-old son up, makes him a hearty breakfast, helps him style his hair and drives him to school. The rest of her day is spent grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, mowing the lawn and tending to her beautiful herbs, veggies and flowers in our garden. As if that weren’t enough, she also takes care of our 2-month-old baby girl during the day so my wife and I don’t have to put her in daycare. I don’t know anyone more deserving than her because of all the sacrifices she makes for our family. There is nothing in this world as comforting as coming home to a fire in the fireplace, the house sparkling clean, our baby clean and happy, and everything smelling like freshly baked banana bread. Mom, I can’t thank you enough for your hard work, thoughtfulness and for all the love that you pour into our family tirelessly every single day. You are the center of our household. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. – Jaret

Marilyn, my mother, was my birth partner despite the fact that I was living in California and she was living here in OK.  After my daughter Rose was born, she had some special health problems. My mother flew to California and helped me learn to cope with my daughter’s issues. I was a single mom and when we figured out my daughter needed more care she convinced me to move back to Oklahoma and study for the LSAT. I did and was able to get a scholarship to law school. That is when mom sold her home that she loved so much to move to Norman with me so that she could care for my daughter while I was in law school. My daughter Rose is now twenty-one and was attending OU. My mother has been such an incredible person to continue to give me opportunities to make life better for my daughter and me. I will never be able to repay her for all her love and support over the years. She was so determined to help me achieve my dreams. Today I own my own law firm and I owe everything to my mom.    – Jeanie

Madison, my wife, is a wonderful mother because one she took in my child that isn’t hers and raises her like she is her own child and also raises the two children we have together. She gets up every day with no complaints and helps take care of her sick mother while I’m gone for work majority of the time. She could really use something to show how much I appreciate how much a great mother she is from me!! – Jerome

Being a mom of three is hard, but it is even harder when your 6-year-old is diagnosed with brain cancer, your husband is in between jobs, and you find out that you are pregnant. Ashley really is a super mom – she kept a family together with her strength in a situation most people could not manage. She continued to maintain her at-home baking company while attending daily doctor appointments with her son. After a year of chemotherapy, he is cancer free, but mom is still taking him to physical therapy appointments weekly. She continued to support her family and the younger children through the whole process. And, baby was born, safe and healthy! – Jennifer

Jennifer is such a dedicated and passionate person, mom and teacher. She is more like a second mom to all her students! She is the perfect mixture of kindness and enforcer of the rules that kids become more independent. She works hard to ensure that each child has a chance to learn and succeed, but is nurtured as well. Jennifer always makes me feel valued as a parent. My son thrived in her class and really came out of his shell because she was his biggest cheerleader. He grew in her class, not only academically, but also as a young boy because she was with him every step of the way guiding him. Jennifer is such a godly and awesome woman both inside and out. Even today, she gives my son and me hug and well wishes when she sees us. It seems being a teacher and a mom are her super powers and to many, many kids she is their super hero. – Jennifer

My friend, Kyndall, is an amazing mom to her two little boys. A little over a year ago, Kyndall lost her own mother to cancer. Throughout that difficult time, Kyndall managed to be all things to all people: a supportive and caring daughter, a wife, a loving mother and a great friend. When her mother passed, Kyndall spoke at the funeral. During her beautiful speech, Kyndall demonstrated all the qualities that make her a great mom: love, kindness, selflessness, poise, humor, devotion. She is raising two incredible children and, even when faced with adversity, is doing it with joy and compassion. She is a mom that is worth admiring. I know that her own mother would be proud. – Jennifer

Heather is an AMAZING mom to EIGHT adopted children, as well as two biological children ages 3 and 5 months. She was called to adopt in grade school. She’s has also committed to the HALO Project and Empowered to Connect in order to better serve the needs of her children from hard places. She’s a kind, generous daughter of God, truly beautiful inside and out. I am beyond blessed to call her my daughter (in law). My son is a truly lucky man. Several years ago, they were the featured family on your cover. – Kim

Lynette goes above and beyond for our family. Sometimes she goes without just to make sure everyone else is taking care of. Life would not be what it is today. Her loving touch soft voice and caring heart. – Jose

Michelle is very giving and always there for all her kids, whether it be cub scouts, basketball practice and games, Kumon and band practice.

Magaly, my mom, is worth distinguishing because of her nurturing, loving, humbled heart. What makes her amazing? Her perpetual love and sacrifice she makes even after 28 years of becoming a mom. She was a single mom for six years, and lost a son during those years. She had to grow up fast and be independent. She made sure that my other siblings and I didn’t live that story again. She has my little brother with Down syndrome to care for currently, and yet she makes time to always be there for me with my own kids. She’s lost sleep to be with me at the hospital one month ago when I delivered my own baby and yet after 24 hours she hurries home to get my dad’s work lunch, get my little brother ready for school, and still make it back to me to help me with my three under 3. She will come over and help me with my house, when I can’t handle it some days. She’s wonder woman to me. Not to mention her great example of proverbs 31:10-31. And she always has a great Godly word of advice for any problem I may have. She never stops mothering, no matter the years that pass by. She is always praying for my siblings and I. She shows me the world through her compassion and sees the best in everyone. To top it off, I never see her spending time or money for herself, even when she deserves a treat/ time for herself. Her ambition to still want to finish school, to start her own business, to do God’s will daily, her patience and love humbles me every day. No matter what situation she goes through, she is accepting, brave, fair and she smiles through it all and her faith is definitely like a mustard seed. She defines love, motherhood and faith. She does it all with class, wisdom, grace, and sincerity. She is one of a kind mother. – Catalina

My mother is more than unique, she is a super mom. Due to the fact not having a father figure in all eight of her kids’ lives, she dared to make a difference, not backing down, managing work, doctor appointments and school breaks. I cannot not believe how stressful that could of been now that I am older but she was up for all challenges. Trust me I know she shed a bunch of tears and sacrifice a lot and I think she made no mistakes due to the facts she was told she wasn’t supposed to have kids at all. So yes I love my mom and I think she is so great. I can keep going but its only 250 words. – Keiondra

Kimberly, my mom, is the best cause despite all she has been through. She still keeps a smile for my nephews who she adores. We lost my brother eight years ago and since then she has had to really hold us all together cause it was a shock to our family. Since she has developed a few autoimmune diseases which can be brought on due to stress. She still works and loves being with family. She has helped raise my cousins without hesitation and she still takes care of me no matter what. She deserves thus she never gets any recognition for all she does. – Kelly

Melissa has really stepped up to the plate. God made her a mom via adoption. Under tough circumstances, she was faced with a decision of adopting her brother’s son. She chose to adopt and she’s been the biggest blessing to this child. Also recently, her husband walked out on her and the child leaving Melissa to be a single mom. This child has not had one dad step out, but now two. Melissa has shown unconditional love to her son through it all and I think she deserves to win this prize for her steadfast faith, continuous love for this child and her undeniable strength. – Kristian

Tami, my mom, is an awesome mom because she takes care of my 17 year old brother with leukemia and me herself and is still the most amazing person ever. Even though I drive her crazy. – Krystal

A lover. A giver. Selfless. Thoughtful. Strong. Beautiful. Humble. Non judgmental. Helpful. Those are just a few of the words that come to mind when I think of Iris, my mom. She’s not just the greatest mother, she is one of the greatest human beings I have ever met. A mother that puts her children’s needs before her own, a mother that will give and do anything in her power to make sure that her children are always thriving and always setting a great example and always making sure that her children are OKAY. In every single aspect, Financially, emotionally, spiritually, physically, you name it. Me and my brother are so thankful and blessed that we have a mom who will always be by our side, and always love and support us no matter what. My mother lost her mom and dad a couple of months ago, just a few weeks apart. We all know she is hurting so badly inside. She should be taking time to herself , to be grieving the loss of both of her parents. But being who she is and unfortunately her children going through their own set of issues at the time, she STILL is worried about us, thinking about us, checking up on us. She manages to be so strong and put on a brave face and make sure her children are okay before herself. Even through the toughest of times, she manages to be the most wonderful wife, grandmother, and MOM and always puts everyone else’s needs and happiness before her own. That’s a MOTHER, and she is loved more than she will ever know. – Kyra

My older sister, Valerie, is the most awesome mom I know! She is busily raising her two kids (7 & 4), plus she is the “mother”/teacher to over 20 kindergarten students. Recently, she helped me transition to being a new mom! I have six month old and without her guidance and support, I don’t know what we would have done. She is awesome because she not only rocks at being a mom, but she encourages others moms along the way! – Michelle

Jennifer is the definition of an awesome Mom. Although many of us have not personally witnessed what an amazing mom she is to her own two beautiful children we know without a doubt she blows most out of the water. One thing I know for sure is we all stand together when saying she is the most caring, incredible “second” mom our children could ever be blessed with. Year after year, 20 plus terrified little kindergarteners walk into her classroom and she instantly without question becomes hands down the best and most amazing “second” mom to each and every one of them (and even becomes a “second” Mom to most of us parents leaving our kids for the first time). Her love, compassion, ability to understand, attentiveness, and commitment not only to her family but to the children in her class plus the parents is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. She truly is a saint and is loved and appreciated more than she’ll ever know. Jennifer goes above and beyond every single day so that all of us “awesome Moms” don’t have to think twice when dropping our kids off at school because we know that our children are being loved, nurtured, educated, and cared for every minute they are with her. She is an inspiration to me and I find myself striving to be as amazing of a Mom as she is. The impact this awesome Mom/second Mom has on all of us is priceless and she is so deserving of this title! – Leah

Brandi is not only one of the best person I’ve ever met, but is truly one of the most amazing mothers. She is a single mother of two teenage boys and last year adopted four of her nephews and nieces all under the age of 13. She works three jobs to provide for her family and makes sure her family has everything they need and somehow still makes times for loved ones and friends and their kids. She saved my life and has been my best friend and second mama. She is ALWAYS there for everyone even complete strangers. She deserves this and more!! She is the least selfish person I know! A blessing from above! – Leanne

Ginger and Misty are awesome Moms! They work opposite shifts so their little 4-year-old girl Ally can have all the Mom time she needs! – Virginia

I want to nominate Glenda, my mom, because she is the most selfless person I know. My parents worked so hard to raise me and my sister. They sacrificed fancy things for themselves, trips, etc. They always dreamed of retiring and traveling the US. Four years ago my sister’s husband left her and their seven kids. My parents willingly, and sacrificially, gave up so much and helped her move home and get a house. They are now helping her raise her seven kids. Mom my works, gets off work and goes and watches my sisters kids five days a week so my sister can work. She does it all out of love and devotion for her family. I wish I could give them the world, I wish I could give them their lifelong dream of traveling. This would be the best gift and surprise for her!! Thanks for considering her. – Lindsey

First off I’m thirty and Michelle still puts up with me every day and makes my son the happiest grandson ever by always being there for him when he need her but especially when we are growing. She is teaching me to slowly shed my once angry skin and how to break loops and cycles that need to be changed for the better of our future. She literally gives her all to her family. She would give the shirt off her back if she knew it would keep you warmer. That’s the kind of big hearted loving gal that she is! Yes I’ll admit she can be crazy stubborn, a little hard headed but always home to her kids, always there for you, always our biggest fan especially when we are needing it the most. She never gives up. She inspires me. If I didn’t shine my brightest today, there is always tomorrow to be better and you know even the day’s you don’t shine at all at least I did in her eyes for I am her daughter and she is my mother. There is no love or bond greater, well besides her grandchild’s but I’m very thankful for her in every way. She is my rock, my person, my awesome mom, and for that I want to say how much I appreciate her, all her sacrifices, compassion and the strive to never give up. She is my Dory because we always keep swimming. – Lindsey

Lesa is like a mom to me she has always been there for me even as a kid and now as I am a mother myself.  She takes care of everyone and never has time for just herself. She cares for her brother and brother in law that are both disabled,takes care of her grandson during the days as well. Her husband recently had a heart attack so now she cares for him as well. She deserves a break and some personal time to relax.  Life is hard for everyone but I think she truly deserves this. – Lisa

Where do I begin? Becky will always be the best mom and “Gaga” in my and my children’s eyes. My mama is by far the most giving and kindhearted mom there is. Despite living with migraines her entire life, she finds it in her heart to take care of any and everyone she meets. She accepts everyone who enters her life, like they are her own child. She has taught me everything I know on how to be a great mom, friend, sister and daughter. Our lives wouldn’t be the same without her. – Madison

Thirteen months ago, I welcomed my first child into my life. Over the past year, I witnessed how my daughter has my stubborn, yet determined nature in the way she interacts with the world. Seeing yourself in a little person is hard, knowing you have to raise that person is harder. I know I will be the woman who travels countless miles, and countless more, to be with my Hannah when she is homesick at college or at her first “real” job. I will be the one that answers the phone, all times of the day and night, when something isn’t quite right or my daughter just needs a open heart to listen to her. I will be the one who makes a home where she can grow into her own wings, yet she will be so rooted to that home that it will draw her back in years to come. I must be all those things, and more, because of the amazing woman, Susie, who raised (is still raising) me. A woman that gives herself to all she does and is an example of how the world might be if we all cared a little less about ourselves and a little more about those around us. And because of the support of my lovely, stubborn, yet determined mom, I just might be able to be the mom my Hannah needs. – Madison

Carly has been through a ton these last three months. She has had total of 27 days in the hospital. Through it all she has been a great mom to our two boys Holden (5) and Easton (3). She is a stay at home mom, which means she is the CEO, CFO, and janitor. She has a goal of our boys visiting all 50 states before they graduate high school. We are on track with thirteen states visited and another four or five new ones to visit this summer. She is so creative in thinking of new ways to teach the boys, weather it is with sensory bins or art projects. I am amazed every time I watch her be the great mother that she is. With all this being said Carly is most deserving of this “Awesome Mom Award”. – Matthew

It’s not very often you find a woman who is 12 years away from being a centenarian, who is still just as vibrant, lovely, lively, and strong as she was in her 60s and 70s. Maulsie, my grandmother, is the epitome of a beautiful matriarch who has sacrificed so much in life to raise her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and special needs youth in foster care. She has been a mother figure my entire life and essentially filled in the gap for me and my siblings due to my dear mother’s battle with mental illness. My grandmother was known for her volunteerism, community work and dedication to investing in the lives of others in the city of Ardmore for decades. Now, living in Oklahoma City since 2008, she has continued to be a strong support for our entire family, and I owe her a great deal for pouring every bit of herself into me. When my mother passed away suddenly from cancer, where diagnosis to death was three weeks, my grandmother remained steadfast in her faith, encouragement, love and support as she did the day she stepped in to prevent my siblings and I from entering the “system.” I absolutely adore her and although she isn’t my mother, she has been a constant mother figure in my life because she raised me and is the only part of my mother I have left. Never one to seek accolades or recognition, I would love to honor her for sacrificing to ensure I can now be a doctoral candidate and university administrator and that both of my brothers had distinguished careers in the military. We are blessed and were able to pursue our goals and dreams because of her many sacrifices. – Mautra

Emily loves not only her three biological children but hundreds of others!  She is a fabulous teacher and 8 times breast cancer survivor!!  – Michelle

Three years ago, I decided to leave my husband of 13 years. In those 13 years, we had seven children, one of which we lost to SIDs at 3 months old. The marriage was very unhealthy and it took everything I had to find the courage to leave. I’m so glad that I made that step because little did I know I would not only meet the woman of my dreams but the most amazing mother to my children. From the beginning, Ashli didn’t blink an eye that their were six! She took them in as her own (mind you she has no biological children) and loves them like her own. She has made me a better mother and person. I have learned to communicate and show my kids the attention and affection they so long for. She has made me realize how important it is to play with them, ow to be their friend but also their parent. Ashli deserves to be on a billboard for what a step-parent looks like. She truly is the most caring, giving, loving genuine person I have ever met. She has put everything on hold to help raise my children, six children under the age of 12. Words will never express how much she has helped my children and I come closer. If I could give her a medal every day I would. She is the most deserving person I know. – Heather

Oh goodness where do I begin! Gloria, my mom, is beyond words amazing!! She has always been our biggest supporter regardless of how awful our crazy ideas are! Almost 19 years ago, my brother her youngest son was killed in a car accident. Something that could destroy a family made us stronger and that strength was from her and my dad! If I become half the mom she is then I was be considered fantastic!! I think the most incredible thing is not only is she my mom but my children have her as a grandmother, which see my children with her is out of this world! – Mia

My best friend Caleigh is a super-mom! She starts her days early as the first of five kids under the age of 8 start to rise.  She then homeschools, runs a yummy cookie business, hustles in another business, drives kids between activities, therapy and more without much complaint and amazing grace. She deserves to be pampered. – Laura

Jena, my wife has been diagnosed with a life-long syndrome called Elhers-Danlos Syndrome. It is a connective tissue disorder. She also has POTS Through this she continues to take care of our two kids and maintain the house. She is incredible and I love her for everything she does for our family. – Matthew

Paula, my mom, is my personal hero. My father abandoned us at a young age, but my mom gave me and my sister nothing less than a loving home and was always there for us. I realize now how hard it was for her to do everything alone, but she never showed it. She is resilient. I am now grown and have recently left an abusive marriage. I have three kids and my mom has been there for us through it all. She was my crutch and shoulder to cry on. She is the best Mimi to my kids. She is also a nurse, always caring for others and, even though she was diagnosed with Lupus earlier last year, she always puts others first. She is the strongest person I know and I have her to thank for giving me the strength that I carry today. – Taylor

Destiny is a single mom who is disabled and on disability. Her income is very limited. She was told she would never give birth due to having polycystic ovarian disease. At the age of 35, she became pregnant and gave birth. The boyfriend moved on. She did not try to give her child away or give her child up, she kept her even with all her struggles she had going on she was delighted to have a beautiful child. She loaded love and care onto her baby, moving in with her parents for the first 2 years of having a baby and moving into her own place once she felt comfortable taking care of child. Now she is woven into to being a mom now, ten years later. She takes her child to girl scouts, parades, school events, doctors appts, eye and dental appts without missing a beat. This mom goes with out for her child to have the things she needs – what she cannot afford the grandparents buy. I think that is wonderful and am so very proud! – Linda

Sara works tirelessly. She puts her children above all else in her life, even when they fail to recognize the effort she puts in to keep them safe and guide them through life. A great big hug from them after school brings out her biggest dimples. She deserves more praise and thank yous than can possibly be given, yet does everything that needs to be done for the sole purpose of bettering her family. She is my wife. – Robert

Sarrah is the strongest, most resilient woman I know. She made it through her pregnancy like a trooper while her husband was deployed. She has an extremely demanding job in the US Air Force and her house burned down a few months ago, which was devastating. She spends every second she can with her son, who is absolutely brilliant because of all the love she has poured into him. She is peak mom and an amazing sister. She inspires me so much! – Nicollette

Nicole has worked so hard to care for me and my brothers. She and all us brothers have ADHD. This and our age difference 20, 11, and 4 years old make it hard for her. She has always made it work even though we forget a lot and lose things and are late. She is still amazing and works so much harder than other moms without ADHD and she deserves the moon! – Sterling

I would like to nominate my big sister Yamilet. I’ve chosen to nominate her because she has always put her kids first. She has three beautiful children ages 14, 5, and 1 that she is raising and even when things get hard she always shows them a big smile on her face. I was so nervous to have a baby but knew she would always be there to answer all my questions. She works so hard every day and I cannot remember the last time she bought herself a really nice meal or a new pair of jeans. She is selfless and gives everything she has to those three beautiful angels. Please choose her! She’s in need of a no kids momma day/dinner. – Paola

Gloria is amazing! She’s not only a great mother to my mother she is an AWESOME grandmother! She is the best person to get advice from and help with problems! She’s so loving and shows her love to her grandkids. She lost my Uncle Roger before i was even born but I feel like I know him through her stories! I pray that I become 1/2 as good and mom as she is! I dont know how someone survives losing a child, my uncle was only 15 and my grandmother has such strength and she’s married to the best coach ever my grandpa. – Cynthia

I have been watching my amazing mother, Tracy, take care of her precious mom on hospice. She is selfless and dotes over her, while fighting back the tears singing to her and spending every precious moment she can showing her, unconditional love. She has had to place her life on hold, unable to attend her grand children’s functions and feels guilty. I told her, they understand. She raised me to be kind and caring and to always help those in need. Please consider my amazing mother. – Renee

Wanda is such an inspiration to others, this mother figure is admired by many as she shares her brand of love and encouragement with everyone around her. She is mother to a 31 year-old daughter, still living in her home, with developmental disabilities and serious life threatening medical conditions. The most inspiring thing about this mom is how she uses this lived experience with her daughter to offer personal support and encourage to other families who have children with developmental disabilities. Because of her strong desire to be a positive influence in other’s lives, she has stepped out as a strong spokesperson and advocate for over 5,000 families still waiting for help through state services on the Ok DDSD Waiting List.  She is truly making a difference in the lives of those families of children with developmental disabilities and for this reason deserves to be considered an “Awesome Mom.” – Rick

I haven’t given her the easiest task of taking care of me but through it all she’s always stood by my side and has always been my best friend. It’s feels good knowing that I can go to her, my mom, Lakresha. – AuShae

The reason why my mom, Essie, should be crowned queen of awesome moms is because my mom gets her joy from making others happy not just her children but even strangers. My mom raised three daughters. Her first born died in a fire at 26 years old. This was devastating to my family but my mom was so awesome that she became the rock of the family and held us together she adopted my sister’s three young children, which are now grown and very successful. Two of them are military and 3rd a correction officer. All six of us graduated with honors. The most awesome thing about my mom is that when she talks to people she has a way of getting them to listen and understand .I guess it’s because she is so understanding and such a good listener. I can always count on my mom and go to her for anything. She has been there for the whole family thru everything. She does this without anything in return. My mom is almost 65 years old and she still works full time as a caregiver and she likes her job. I can’t believe how tough she is. She is an amazing woman and I hope to be just like her. – Shanika

Manda is an amazing person devoted to her children, family, and community. Recently she has taken on a private mission to improve her environment and the future world (for her children) by spending her extra time devoted to fighting climate change. She is always giving to others first, even those she is not in close relationship with. – Nathan

My daughter Cassie is 31 years old and is the mother of 6 beautiful children. 13, 6, 4, 3, 4 months and a 10 year old son that was lost in a tragic accident. She is a stay at home mom because day care is too expensive. She is with the kids 24-7 and never gets a mom’s day or night out. This would do her so much good. Life hasn’t been easy. The loss of a child is indescribable. She was still able to maintain her marriage and become an amazing mom despite all the pain. – Sherry

My friend Heather is a rockin’ mom to 9 beautiful babes, 7 adopted and 2 biological, ages 15 years to 5 months. Her husband is an edmond firefighter and she is often solo while he is on shift. She is a go with the flow mom who is always smiling! Somehow Heather manages to keep her home ready for company at any moment, look fabulous and make time to care for herself. Heather not only stands out to me as a do it all mama but an amazing friend who always steps up for others. I have been personally blessed by her after a surgery when she made time to come to my home and care for me and my children for an entire day! She deserves to feel appreciated, pampered and loved more than any mom I know! – Marcy

My sweet Sally married me 15 years ago. I had two boys ages 4 & 7. She called them her bonus boys (she still does – they are 21 & 24). She has always loved them as her own kissing their boo-boos when they were little and helping them in the mornings to go to school. She is still there for them as grown men. she has a great relationship with my boys. They called her S – not Mom or mommy because they had a mom. We decided to have our son K who is now 12. We later had our son J who is now 7. She has been called Mommy MANY times now :-). J had heart surgery at Christmas time when he was 1 month old. His beloved mother never left his side at the hospital. K & I brought her food & visited every day and we returned to the Ronald McDonald house while my Sweet S stayed with our tiny boy. She was J’s guardian angel & continues to be. She tells our boys she is their biggest fan. What a beautiful mother my Sweet S is. – Stewart

Lisa works full time but also is very much involved in our community. She is always putting her children and others first. My whole city can agree when I say she is hard working, humble, thinks of others, respectful but mostly big-hearted women. I tell her all the time she needs a break because being a single mother can be exhausting. Example when she gets off of work or helping with her community she picks her kids up and they love drinking hot chocolate with their mom so she takes them to IHOP after a long day just to enjoy that moment with them. Please consider our chairman over our parks board because if anyone deserves it she does. – Melvin

Diane is a mother of six, three of which are triplets and then three canine babies. My wife Diane puts all of her effort into helping our family and others. She motivates our family as well as others to be and do better by volunteering and setting the best possible example. She always helping at school or helping strangers train their dogs. Despite going through two major surgeries this year, she’s managed to pull through and continues to help our kids daily without fail. Diane has also had to live with the adversity of being a birth mother at a young age and worked through an open adoption. Diane made every port a home until we could finally retire. This has been worth its weight in gold and for this we love her with all of our hearts and could never thank her enough. – James

My mom is unique, because when my son was 6 years old, I randomly asked my mom, Mae, ‘why were you okay with me calling my dad’s new wife ‘mom’ when I was a teenager and why are you okay with me calling my mother-in-love ‘mom?’ Her response, ‘if you, my daughter, feel comfortable with calling another woman ‘mom,’ that lets me know that they don’t mistreat you and they care and love you like their own daughter. And your happiness has and is always important to me.’ When my mother-in-love was diagnosed with cancer June 2016, her treatment required someone to drive her to treatments once a week. My mother, who is retired, volunteered twice a month to take my mother-in-love to her chemotherapy and many of her doctor’s appointments. This care for her went on until she passed Sept. 2018; and my mom was there for all of it. My husband and I along with my sister-in-love wouldn’t have been able to do this without my mom’s help. When my mom nominated me for the MetroFamily 2018 Awesome Moms award, I was shocked. I was a little embarrassed; because she deserved a nomination.  I learned to teach my boys the importance of having an education, providing service to others, finding the good in every situation, being there for them whether it’s for surgeries or performances, possessing integrity and loving God from my mom. If I am an awesome mom, it is due to my mom’s unique example.” – Tasha

My mom, Wilma, is a woman of strength. She raised four kids, then her granddaughter, Seidina, came to live with her. After Seidina left, my dad became sick and needed a kidney transplant. My mom drove him to Oklahoma City for over two years, three times a week until he received a kidney. Several years later my dad passed away, then my sister, Gina, was killed in a car accident leaving behind her seven year old daughter, Jesakah. At that point my mom lost a daughter and once again took in a granddaughter and has raised her all these years. Jesakah is now twenty and my mom is helping Jesakah through college. Last year, Jesakah’s dad was murdered and my mom stepped up, helping Jesakah through the loss of a second parent. Also, at one point, my husband was sent to prison and my mom watched my son so I could work. My mom has been so selfless, helping all her family. I just wish I could do something special for her. – Tracey

Tracy, my mama, I tell her all of the time she is like Jesus. She honestly is there for anyone and sees the best in people. She knows when to say the right thing at the right time. Her gentle kindness and love for others especially her family makes my heart happy. She’s my ultimate best friend and my 4 year old daughter adores her “Bela”. She’s worked hard my whole life and I never ever thought once that she wasn’t there for her family. She always made time for my Dad, my brother and myself. She still does. She’s honestly Superwoman, but she would say no. She doesn’t complain and remains positive. She’s the most humble human being I’ve ever known. She’s involved with helping others in the community and gets to do that every day with her job. She sells real estate and that is a super stressful industry, but she truly enjoys helping others buy or sell their homes. Even if the family is going through a tough time because buying or selling is not always easy for everyone. She will make her clients feel right at ease and they know they are being taken care of. My Nana just recently got sick (doing so much better) and my Mom was there for her every step of the way. She visited her every day at the assisted living, brought her dinner and coffee if the food they had was nasty. 🙂 Now that Nana is back at home, Mom will call to check on her everyday to see how she is doing. This is also her mother-in-law and they have an amazing relationship. You don’t always see that nowadays. She had me at 19, and said God gave her and my Dad a true miracle baby. I’m sure she was nervous being a young parent, but she knew what she was doing from day one. She was definitely meant to be a Mama. I could go on and on, but this woman is truly an inspiration in my life. I’ve always looked up to her and always will. Love my Mommy mucho! – Lauren

Thank you to everyone who submitted a nomination!

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