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Meet our Awesome Mom Nominees

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We asked our readers to nominate the outstanding moms, stepmoms, grandmothers, aunts and other caregivers in their lives in our 2023 Awesome Mom contest and we were truly amazed, humbled and inspired by the wonderful stories that we received.

Our editorial team had the difficult task of selecting one winner and two finalists from all the nominees received, and we look forward to sharing their stories with you in our May/June issue.  We also want to pay tribute to the wonderful moms who were nominated, so we are pleased to share these stories with you, in the words of their family and friends who nominated them:

Rebekah N., Midwest City          

One of a kind, that’s an understatement! My wife is a loving mother of 3 (22, 18, 10) and there’s not a person like her! Her selflessness, her zaniness, her kindness, her craftiness, and her overall care for everyone is out of this world. She works as a Special Needs Preschool teacher by day, is going to college full-time, and still manages to intentionally celebrate our children, whether it’s heart-shaped taco rings for Valentine’s Day or making costumes for a family Halloween! She’s hands down the best momma around and our kids will tell you how lucky they are to have her as their own!

Matthew N.

Lissette G., Oklahoma City          

Where do I begin describing Lisette? She has a heart of gold. She is a single mom raising 5 beautiful children. 3 of those children were adopted by her and her then-husband. She is such a hard worker. She owns a small meal prep business to help her support her family. She is always so caring and helping others even though she has her own struggles. She is one of the best moms I know. She’s been through a lot these last two years, and she has done it so gracefully and she deserves the world.

Selene P.

Pattsi T., Guthrie

Pattsi was a foster mom for over 25 years. In that time frame, she and her husband fostered over 100 children. They adopted 7 of those children and have two biological children. Pattsi and her husband Keith just celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary. Pattsi has always been an advocate for children and families and has been involved in multiple changes in the state of Oklahoma that give the families of Oklahoma a better chance to thrive. Pattsi has a unique and unstoppable story as she has continued to educate herself and receive countless certificates of learning. She continues to advocate for children and families all across Oklahoma and makes a true difference in many lives. She is extremely active in her church and leads several groups that cover everything from healthy lifestyles to how to walk through hard things with hurting people. She opens her home up to the community and in storm season has “cellar dweller” meetings for anyone who needs shelter from an Oklahoma storm. She often houses get-togethers where people of the community come together and learn how to do life together even when they do not agree on everything. Many friendships have come from these get-togethers and the community looks forward to the next one each month. Pattsi leads by example and is always up for another cup of tea on her porch with anyone who just might need to sit for a bit and talk.

Brandi S.

Pattsi T., Guthrie

She has always had my back and I can call her anytime I need to. She has taught me a bunch and gives good advice.

Gracie S.

Michelle M., Washington

My nomination comes naturally. She is the strongest person I’ve ever met in my life, she has overcome more in her life than some can even begin to imagine including beating cancer twice! She is the mother to our 3 children but is the mother role model to many more. She works 2 jobs and never stops providing for her kids and family but most of all makes sure our kids enjoy life and make the most of each day. She does not just put a Band-Aid on when they get hurt but comforts them and helps them understand how to prevent the Band-Aid next time! She has taught our kids to enjoy life and make memories instead of focusing on what we have in life, it’s more about what we experience in life! She works in healthcare helping others get better as well as owns her own cleaning business that helps other moms’ days be less stressful!

Leanne  W.

Sanaya J., Oklahoma City            

She has overcome so much. Her boyfriend was killed when their daughter was 5 months old, but she kept his business going as well as her own. Both businesses survived the pandemic, she homeschools her children, AND she just finished her PhD. She’s amazing.

Xia C.

Stephanee H, Crescent                 

I know it sounds a bit cliché to say I have the best mom in the world, but to me, it’s true. My mother, Stephanee, is more than just a mom – she is my best friend. As a teenager without many friends, having this strong, amazing relationship with my mom is immensely important to me, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Not only has she lovingly cared for me my entire life, but she has also taken the time to truly know me. She spends time with me often, assuring me that I am deeply, constantly loved. My mom never refuses to listen to me, and even when I don’t feel like talking, she stays with me and comforts me, whether by talking or in silence. She is there for me whenever and however I need her, no matter what.

There are many awesome moms in the world, but my mom is special because she is my mother and my friend. I feel like I can talk to her about anything, and sometimes, I believe she understands me better than I understand myself. My mom inspires me, encourages my dreams, and helps me accomplish my goals; she is my role model, cheerleader, and best friend. My mom is the kindest, funniest, most awesome mother I could ever hope for. So even though it may sound cliché, I will say it again anyway: I have the best mom in the world.

Aunnesty H.

Leah B., Oklahoma City

My wife, Leah, is an amazing mom to our two children. She always teaches them to find beauty in life. In her spare time, she’s always looking for ways to spend quality time. Whether it’s playing basketball with our 13 yr old son, or at the playground with our 3 yr old daughter. She can be found at the library demonstrating the importance of education and being kind to one another to our children. She works so hard to provide for our family by assisting thousands of patients to afford their infused medications. Most are patients facing cancer. It’s a tough but rewarding job and she handles it much better than I could. Our children can see the passion she has for helping others, and we want to nominate her for this giveaway because she deserves the world.

Kassie S., Edmond

Nominating Kassie for this award is of of the greatest ways we could celebrate her we can imagine. Kassie is a force all her own, her leadership as a mother, as a manager, and as a community member overall is unmatched. Kassie has patience unlike anyone we`ve ever seen, always offering true and just stewardship to those around her in any situation. As a former volunteer firefighter here in Oklahoma, her resolve and will were tested daily, working through some of her fellow Oklahomans’ worst days, and still managing to bring love, and professionalism to those in need of her help. She also runs her own small business on top of everything else, as the owner of Pixie Dust Furniture and Refinishing, she refinishes beautiful pieces of furniture for others, allowing her love, care, and passion to be visible in her artwork every time. Kassie is the most amazing mother, and human being I know, and being able to nominate her here, and share that with others is a blessing indeed! Thank you for considering her for this prestigious award!

Shaun P.

Mollie R., Oklahoma City

Mollie is a rainbow butterfly, a fairy princess, a flying kitty cat, a loving, empathetic and graceful mom.  Her creative soul guided her young children through a lonely pandemic with exuberant games and fanciful dance parties, fairy castles and family zoom story times.  She does this whilst working full-time with everyone else’s children!  Mollie has a calm and compassionate manner with her children 5 and 3 years old.  She is patient yet sets firm boundaries for behavior. Mollie believes that raising her children to become the best possible adults is her charge as a mom. She encourages family members and friends to participate fully in her children’s lives for Mollie, family and friends are the village that provides knowledge and continuity throughout a life of learning and service. Mollie cares deeply for her community and as such provides enrichment opportunities for her children to participate in events and more.  Mollie doesn’t seek recognition, but I’m her mother and paraphrasing “Matilda” I think she is a ‘Miracle’ and definitely deserves to be considered for this award.

Lyn A.

Malaeshea A., Oklahoma City

My friend is a great candidate for an awesome mom! She makes it look so easy and does it with such grace. They say when you have children the mom and nurturing part of you will all kick in. Well, it kicked in full fledge, watching her become a  better “HER” for her children is amazing. It makes me look forward to being a mom one day. She’s breaking generational cycles with parenting, doing things different. By trying different things that create better approaches, engaging with her children every day, making time for them, and also educating and creating opportunities for them. I could say so much more and this is why I choose my best friend as an awesome mom!

Kearra G.

Elizabeth M., Edmond

Elizabeth is an extraordinary mom of three student-athletes and trains many others in Conditioning and sport-specific supplemental training for US Figure Skating, USA Hockey, US Soccer, US Rowing, Basketball, swimming , Tennis and beyond. Most importantly, Elizabeth trains the whole person focused upon goodness, belief and encouragement – all that young people need to bloom. Owner of Mullins Performance Fitness, Elizabeth balances career and mom-hood plus being an active member in her church community. While others will relax and enjoy weekends – Elizabeth delves into the latest R&D to make more impact and stay current in her work. All this while working out herself to maintain balance and health 🌟🙌🤗 Everyone should strive to make a difference in the community like Elizabeth.

Jackie B.

Jaimie K., Oklahoma City

She is the most caring and nurturing mom. Whenever our son is sick, she stays up all night and puts us before her own needs. She is completely selfless and will do anything for our family. We love and cherish her.

Jinu K.

Anna G., Oklahoma City

My daughter is so amazing in so many ways. She works one full-time and one part-time job. She is also a full-time college student. Even though her schedule is busy, she still makes time for her family. She just graduated with her Associate’s degree and now is working on her teaching degree. She always put me and her three children first. She is selfless. She has been a single mother through all three of her children and she has the honor of graduating the same month as her son this year. She is very involved with our church. She is the youth director and she sings in the praise team and choir. She is always striving to help those in need with anything. She is special about making memories with her children. She may not have a lot, but she makes everything worthwhile.

Evelyn P.

Lindsay O., Oklahoma City

My wife took care of her dad diagnosed with cancer during the pandemic. She oversaw every detail of his physical and mental needs. She was by his side when he passed away. She then took the role of getting her mom situated after the death of her dad. She worked tirelessly. She also shared in the care of her best friend diagnosed with breast cancer 1 month after her Dad died, and was present to ring the bell after cancer recovery. She takes care of our home and kids and works a full-time job. She is dedicated to her Savior and deserves recognition for her hard work and dedication. I love her and she is my best friend.

Gregg O. 

Gwen, M., Yukon

My mom has custody of my 4 kids. She inspires by her daughter to ride horses and built a barn in the back of her daycare center in Yukon. She also transports my son to gymnastics competitions in Dallas and my daughter to barrel races. She does artwork like marble pictures and draws some at her daycare center. She’s hard-working and driven she has custody of 4 of my kids and her husband from them being taken by CPS years ago. She participates in counseling and also likes to collect old McDonald’s stuff. She’s quite motivating. Please pick her she deserves it!

Britainy A.

Emily B., Harrah

Emily is a SUPER Mom who goes above and beyond for any and everyone. She is a special Ed teacher at Harrah Middle School and also has a special needs child of her own along with 2 other children. Emily strives to provide the latest resources and knowledge she can to her students and son. All the while, she is active in her church and participates in extracurricular activities with her youngest daughter like gymnastics, dance and softball. The real kicker is Emily is a single parent!!!! She is a true hero and inspires so many every single day!

Tiffany W.

LeAndrea L., Edmond

These are the reasons I would like to nominate my mom and awesome mom She is fun. She is spunky and caring and loves my family. She is just all-around great. She loves on me and my brother every day and plays too. She takes me and my brother on little “dates” where we hang out and get a treat. I know any mom could do that, but she is just special in her own little way. She helps us when we need it and takes care of us. My mom loves me and my whole family. She is the best!

Luca L.

Ashley H., Norman

Ashley came into our lives several years ago and was the answer to our many years of prayer for my son. Together they produced a miracle and his name is Beckham. My son is so blessed to have happiness every day now because of Ashley, and now his own son, Beckham. She is everything a mother-in-law could ask for. Thank you for being who you are, Ashley. You’re not just a daughter-in-law, but a daughter and a true friend.

Rina M.

Tawanna L., Oklahoma City

My mom is so amazing. She doesn’t need help with anything. She cares about us so much. My mom helped so many people in her life. She will give us anything we want. She wants everyone to be happy. Even though I am down, my mom cheers me up. She provides so many things for us and other people. Even though people talk about her, she doesn’t let anything get to her. I am so lucky to have her in my life.

Alyssa B.

Destiny L., Oklahoma City

My mom is an awesome mom because in 2018 we lost my brother who was 21 years old. So now it’s just me and my mom. She is very strong. Not only has she gotten through the things with my brother and the cases, she continues to thrive as a mother, as a businesswoman and she keeps her vision and goals clear. She is unstoppable! My mom is also the first woman to own their own truck driving school in the state of Oklahoma and other states as well. My mom is a hero and an inspiration to me and she is the best mom that anyone could ever have. Not only is she my mom but she mentors and trains and helps many people. She gives extra and goes the extra mile and she expects nothing in return.

Alivia S.

Vickie T., Yukon

From being swooped away from her small town and going overseas with my dad (military life), to having three small children with no help, my mom has always put her children first and done whatever needed for us! Having a daughter now and relying on family for all the help, I have no idea how she did it and let alone in a foreign country. When my dad had cancer, my mom dropped everything to be there for her children and support us through it all! She is my biggest role model!

Kortney N.

Dawn  S., Oklahoma City     

I cannot think of a more loving and generous person than my mom. She has always gone to great lengths to take care of us, but this past year, she certainly outdid herself when she donated a kidney for my dad! While she wasn’t a direct match for him, they were able to participate in a paired donation where my mom donated a kidney to another man who needed it, and that man’s wife was able to donate one to my dad! It was the ultimate act of selflessness and love. I’m happy to report that both she and my dad recovered quickly from the surgeries and they are both healthy now. I’m so proud to call such an amazing woman my mom!

Bailey S.

Shelly F., Norman

In May of 2006, Shelly had a stroke. Her chances of living were slim, but she knew that I needed her and she fought through the recovery process. If she made it through doctors told her the likelihood of her walking again was not that high, but Shelly didn’t let that stop her. She learned how to speak, read, write, shower, eat, and gained the basic necessities to survive, back again. Shelly was released from therapy. She continued to work hard at home because she wanted to be the best mom possible for me. A year later you could not even tell she had a stroke. 6 years after the stroke, Shelly started running because I wanted to be in the OKC Kids Marathon. We completed the Kids Marathon. After that Shelly didn’t stop running though.  A few years later she ran her first half marathon defeating everything the doctors said and she still continues to run today.  Not only does she do things for herself to show me to take care of my body, but she puts me first in her life and always makes sure that it will benefit me. She recently used her strength to help us move out of the house we were living in and moved into an apartment to get away from my father. Watching how she handled everything with ease and was determined to do it pushed me. She knew the environment was not safe for me and she wanted me to be happy. She has positive energy that makes everyone around her feel welcome and helps everyone have a great time. She loves like no mom could. Whenever you walk into her house you just feel so welcomed and loved. She is the greatest mom I could ask for.

Emma F.

Shelly F., Tulsa

My mom is the definition of strength. She raised me and my sister as a single mom battling breast cancer. She showed us that no matter what challenge we face in life we can overcome it. My favorite memory of my mom is watching her and my big sister graduate the same year and walk across the stage to receive their bachelor’s degrees. Although our journey was hard, we had very little money, we had lots and lots of love. Today she is a proud NaNa and she is still the person I call first in the morning and on my drive home from work. She has and will be there for me and my sister until she is no longer with us on this Earth.

Jessica U.

Kristin S., Oklahoma City

Kristin ALWAYS puts her kids first. The last 4 years have been a rollercoaster, as she became a single parent to her 4 kids. Kristin went from a stay-at-home mom to a mom that does everything and works full time. She and her family struggle with health issues, but her tenacious spirit pushes to her to do things others would give up trying to do. She sacrifices comfort for herself so her kids feel safe and have stability. She fights for them. She fights for their health, and for them to be involved in extracurriculars at school. Kristin has a daughter that loves animals, so what does Kristin do? Buys her chicks every year that they can watch hatch, then, since they can’t keep them, gives them to a friend who can. Kristin is an active music/Bible teacher at a local preschool, and also a Kindermusik teacher. Dubbed Ms. Christmas, she brings love, hugs, and often baked goods for others everywhere she goes. Her kids know she would do anything for them, and she has proven it time and time again. When the world keeps bringing her lemons, she keeps making lemonade. I am blessed to call her a friend and colleague.

Alyssa B.

Bethany M., Edmond

Throughout my entire life, my mom has always been my biggest fan and has relentlessly shown everyone around her nothing but kindness and love. Raising me took a whole lot of patience and our relationship wasn’t always perfect, but today I can say without a doubt in my mind that she is truly my best friend. Throughout all of the ups and downs that life throws at you, she is my constant, and I will forever be grateful for her. My mom’s husband, my father, passed away 2 weeks ago on January 4th, 2023 and before he passed away he stated, and I quote, “My wife, Bethie, changed my life completely, she made my life softer and kinder.” This has been a hard loss on all of us but even at her weakest, she continues to give her all to everyone, which says a lot about the kind of person she is. God knew what he was doing when he made her a grandma to my son, Greyson, two years ago and the vast amount of love and support she has for both me and my son is truly amazing. I want her to know that I am beyond proud to be her daughter and I truly admire her every single day. The love Greyson and I have for you is more than words can describe and I pray each day that I continue to grow by your example, we love you.

Jordan M.

Beverly M., Oklahoma City

My mom is a great mom because she loves us UNCONDITIONALLY, DAILY, and she loves our children and their children, and we have given her many reasons over the years to not be so kind and loyal and she takes it all in stride, even when someone is being rotten. There are 14 of us, 7 more extended, and numerous extended family and friends from there!  She focuses on whoever is in her presence or on the phone or who needs her 150% and not a % less. She sends cards, gifts cards, couple of dollars here and there when warranted for a good report card or paper or just because.  She lifts us up, takes our fears and concerns as her own, helps us when able, she’s available 24/7, she babysits our dogs when she would rather not. Her list of how she loves us all is endless. She has lost a child, grandchild, and her parents. She has battled heart disease, TMJ, ra, and continuously much more.  She appreciates and loves her family every minute of every day even when she doesn’t feel good, and she doesn’t miss a beat!  She is EXTRAORDINARY and goes above and beyond and though the stories are many and often, her love shines through it all!  She is the best Mema, Mother in Law, Sister in Law, and absolute BEST MOM EVER!

Dana F.

Lilana M., Moore

Lily is the most selfless person I have met. After having her 3rd child, she decided to quit her job and be a stay-at-home mom. She is a caring, dedicated and loving mom, sister, and wife. On top of being a full-time mom, Lily volunteers at our local church as a Catechist. She loves children and loves to teach them about the Catholic Sacraments and God.

Isabel G.

Deborah N., Oklahoma City

My mom, or Nana as the kids call her, is just amazing. When she found out she was having grandkids, she changed her work schedule to working nights and weekends so that she could spend her days with the children and help me out with childcare. During her nights and evenings, she works full time as a nurse caring for our nations Veteran’s at the VA Hospital. I fell ill with a brain tumor and she took the reins and took care of the kiddos full-time so I could recoup from multiple surgeries. On top of that she has supported me while I finished my graduate degree by watching the kiddos so I could do an internship after work. She is kind to everyone and always asks if she can help in any way. I could not have made it as far in life without this wonderful human who sacrificed her time to care for our family.

Olivia N.

April V., Moore

April is a true supermom. She took on 5 additional kids unexpectedly while already raising 2, and chose to love them and raise them as her own. Despite her own health, wealth, relational, or life struggles she makes sure the kids have what they need and raises them to be good humans despite what the world throws at them. I don’t know how she does it, but she does and it’s incredible.

Mallory P.

Kaylee W., Edmond

Kaylee became a first-time mom in 2022 and has completely rocked it.  Always a kid at heart Kaylee has figured out how to balance being the fun mom with working full-time as a realtor.  It’s never easy working with schedules when clients want to go see homes right away – last-minute babysitters are a must.  Luckily she has a wonderful family who supports her.  Kaylee is always the light of the room and makes everything fun.  She’s a friend to everyone and would go the extra mile to make anyone else feel special.  She’s an inspiration to our whole team and it’s been wonderful watching her (and baby Palmer) grow this year.

Jennifer H.

Josalynn G., Okmulgee

I call her Greyson’s other mom, because she is more than just an aunt to my son. My big sister Josalynn is the epitome of a “momtie.” The lengths she’s willing to go to for her nephews, any child for that matter,  are so great. She doesn’t have children of her own, but she can always be spotted with a child. It is so easy to sacrifice for your own, but to make sacrifices for other people’s children is commendable and special. She helps financially and physically, driving down and spending her weekends with us. My son adores her to the moon and back.

Patience G.

Denise S., Oklahoma City

Denise came to this country not knowing the English language. She fought and persevered and she now works for the Oklahoma Public School system helping kids who were in her exact situation while setting a great example for her own two kids. She is a single mom who is enrolled in night classes pursuing a teaching degree as well. Even with a full-time job and taking night classes she never misses a beat providing a loving and nurturing home for her kids. She reads to them every night, helps them with their own school work, and provides a safe place for them to share their feelings and learn great habits that will continue into adulthood. To say she is a super mom is an understatement, during the last few years of turmoil while kids were falling behind, her two kids, ages 7 and 11 now, tested in the top percentiles and actually came out reading several grade levels ahead of their own class levels. I am continually amazed by her dedication and sacrifice and can not think of a more deserving mother than Denise for this praise and acknowledgment. She is truly a very special mother and I know her two children would agree!

Mario J.

Amber G., Moore

I have known Amber since we began law school together in 2005. Since then, I have watched this well-rounded, talented, woman add a new role to her resume: modern mom. I have never seen a professional woman balance her family, her career and giving back to her community the way that Amber does. She is active in her church and volunteers on a variety of committees with the Oklahoma Bar Association. Professionally, as an attorney, she is a true “Boss Lady” in that she was recently named a partner of the national family law firm Whitbeck Bennett. Before that, she started her own firm and added “entrepreneur” to her list of titles, all while engaging in several side hustles including selling Mary Kay. Personally, she is a glorious mix of Martha Stewart and Tim “The Toolman” Taylor. I never pass up on a dinner invitation to the Godfrey house, and I never ceased to be amazed at what she creates with HER tool collection. In a culture where women try to “have it all” (which is impossible), Amber has been more successful at work-life balance than any other mom that I know. On a personal note, she is also a terrific friend. Having Amber in your life in any capacity is a treat, and I can confidently say that the OKC metro is a better place because of Amber. She is truly a role model for awesome moms everywhere.

Breea C.

Cammie S., Wellston

My very own Mother! This woman is so very loving and kind. She would give her last breath even to a stranger panhandling! She doesn’t know how to be mean or spiteful to anyone; even those that have stomped all over her and her feelings! She wakes before everyone in the house, calls each person to make sure they are up for work (she has alarms set for everyone), she makes sure there is coffee made, porch light is on, clothes are hung ready to grab and go, makes sure her great grandson has his tablet and sippy cup out ready to go for when his mommy leaves for work, oh and the heater in the bathroom is on so we can stay warm! She doesn’t lay down until everyone has a full belly and is in bed to sleep!! She just goes, goes and goes from sun up to sun down!! She is the epitome of selfless and pure love!

LeeAnn S.

Chenise B., Oklahoma City

This mother is resilient. She’s a single mother of two fantastic children. She has been through many struggles and has continued to come out on top and has provided and cared for her children with them being the most important piece of her life. I admire her ability to continue to pick herself back up when life gets hard.

Cheyenne N.

Rachel G., Mustang

This mom is a warrior! She is raising 4 kids on her own and has another on the way. She goes nonstop getting her kids to all of their events. Recently her vehicle was vandalized and her purse stolen at her daughter’s practice, she can’t catch a break. No matter what she deals with, she makes things happen for her kids. She is raising some of the sweetest, well-mannered children you will ever meet. Everything falls on her shoulders, and she deserves some recognition!

Chellse T.

Tia M., Chickasha

I and my friends often refer to her as Dr. Mom. She has dedicated her life to her family and community. I have one brother and one sister (Derrick Austin and Tamia Clutter).  Dr. Mom was the mother that our friends loved to come over to our house to hang out, get advice from her, or simply have a safe place to go. She supported all our activities (drama, fundraisers, cheer, basketball, volleyball, track, pom, and band) and anything that we did. Dr. Mom took care of us mostly as single parents, but we didn’t feel the stress/hardship that she must have gone through to take care of us. Dr. Mom has spent over 20 years working in jobs that supported the community. Often requiring her to be on-call or work late nights that included weekends. She taught us to be kind to people because we don’t know their stories, and everyone deserves kindness. We learned to give back to the community. Amid everything going on Dr. Mom volunteered her time to different organizations serving in different capacities. Dr. Mom is an advocate for not only her family but for the needs of others.

Jazmyn M.

Geraldine B., Oklahoma City

Mom was and is an awesome role model for her kids, grandkids and great grandkids. Growing up we had to do housework, yardwork and learn how to work on cars, if we wanted something that was considered unnecessary we had to earn the money and buy it ourselves. Mom always said that the only person you could count on was yourself. We raised our kids this way and now they are raising their kids this way  She would help anybody but not ask for help for herself. She is 86 and still does yardwork and maintains her home.

Gerry T.

Micaela G., Midwest City

This is an amazing candidate because she is loving, caring, smart, beautiful, and such a strong woman! My mom is a single mother of three girls. She works hard every day to provide for us, making sure we are happy and have the things we want in life. My mother works three jobs and yet she still manages to wake up every day and attend each job and be there for us. In 2019 she was diagnosed with Chiari malformation, which caused her to lose feeling on her left side of her body. She had to have surgery on the back of her brain. But yet that did not stop her from striving for what she wanted in life. Still works hard for everything she wants for herself and us. Great person she has a very caring heart and loves to help the community. She is a teacher, hairdresser, and does event planning. Her passion for teaching children is incredible, she works really great with children. And the kids love her. A kid can be sad and it’s just like they read her energy. They vent to her how they feel, and it’s like their voices are been heard. She gives the best and most positive advice. I just feel like my mother is an awesome mom because she put others before herself and fights for what she needs in life no matter what obstacles get in her way she pushes through. And being a single mother of three is hard, yet she always finds a way to make sure we have what we want and need. And just to see a smile on our faces. That’s a real mvp. Mom! She’s amazing. I love her.

Saunti R.

Kaitlyn V., Yukon

I don’t want to sound too hyperbolic and I know I am a bit biased, but my wife Kaitlyn has to be if not the best at least top 5 moms in OKC. Last January, I left OKC to attend Air Force Officer Training School in Alabama, following OTS I started pilot training up at Vance Air Force Base in Enid. So she has been more or less running single-parent ops for the entirety of the year while I train to be an Air Force pilot. Our son Carsen is truly an exceptional kiddo, and it is because of her. She is constantly finding ways to enrich his learning and development. Between taking him to weekly dance classes, story times at the Metro Library, and whatever other special activities there are around the OKC area, there is always something she is planning for our little dude. She not only does the Mom thing so well, she is an assistant director at our son’s Mothers Day Out, a virtual assistant for numerous different travel agents and has worked as a national director for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life.  Although Kaitlyn is not a member of the Air Force, she embodies the 3 core values of integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all she does.

Daniel V.

Margie B., Midwest City

My mother will be turning 77 in February, and she is still the same humble and beautiful individual, who gets out and enjoys life. I have been blessed to have a woman in my life that has a heart to serve God and to help others.  She is currently the usher and choir director at our church and she has the voice of an angel. My mother was my friend’s mother too.  They called her mom.  Growing up our home was the place kids wanted to stay overnight at.  I tend to think this was because of my mother. She treated every kid like they were her own.  If she purchased something for us, she always included them. She loved on our friends and disciplined them as well. She also fostered kids for a while and most of these children were abused or had some type of mental problems.  To this day our childhood friends and the foster kids keep in touch with my mother and even take time out of their lives to come visit her.  And yes, they still call her mom. My mother has raised one of her granddaughters and now she is raising two of her great grandchildren. She also takes her sister to her doctor appointments, grocery shopping, and to pay her bills.

LaTresa F.

Rebekah W., Sulphur

Rebekah is everyone’s mom. She has two of her own biological children, who are both now adults but you would be hard-pressed to find a single of their friends who didn’t also recognize Rebekah as a mother figure in their life. She is the most selfless person who would (and probably has numerous times) give you the shirt off her back. You can’t be around her and not be encouraged and feel safe and loved.

Mallory B.

Yerusi F., Harrah

My mom is an amazing mom. She loves everyone no matter what and she helps us in school and teaches us moral lessons that we will need in life. she makes us food, plays with us, helps us with everyday things and so much more I appreciate her so much and I am so thankful that she is my mom.

Jereli F.

Rachel F., Edmond

Rachel is an amazing mom to 3 boys. They are kind, caring and thoughtful young boys and it is because of having their mom as a role model. She is a great human who gives her all to not only her family but also to her friends and colleagues at her job. She rarely takes time for herself as she is always taking care of everyone else. Rachel has spent the past two years working through her childhood trauma in therapy and losing over 80 lbs all while taking care of her family. She has always been an amazing person, but now she is also the healthiest she’s ever been and is an inspiration to all.

Kelly W.

Jordan H., Norman

My mom Jordie was 2 years older than me when she found out she had diabetes. This was a long long time ago so fancy stuff like the insulin pump she has now wasn’t invented yet. She had to do shots with a needle many times a day. But my Jordie was tough. She played soccer, basketball, and softball. Even though these sports were hard on her blood sugar. She wanted to be like all her other neighborhood friends. My mom’s first question, when she found out she had diabetes when she was 9 years old, was. “ can I have babies someday.” I think she was imagining me when she asked that, maybe. My mom went to the doctor every week when she had me in her tummy. She got very sick at the end and had to go to the hospital a month early. She even gave up her birthday to start having me on that day. My mom realllly wanted a baby! My whole life I wanted a baby brother or sister. My mom knew how hard it was on her body, but this year my dream came true. My parents gave me a baby sister. I will love her my whole life.

Ellington H.


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