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Real Moms of the Metro—Meet Beth McCoy, Roller Derby Skater

by Mari Farthing

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Bethany McCoy is a 41 year old mother of one, married for 12 years and currently living and working in Norman. In her busy life, she takes time to work, take care of her family and indulge in a few hobbies. We recently caught up with her to ask a few questions, to see what makes this mom tick.

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

I was a cheerleader in high school. People see me as quiet and reserved and they don’t see my extraverted side. I have never been accused of having a bubbly personality. It also surprises people when they learn that I play roller derby with the Oklahoma Victory Dolls. They say things like “You what?” and “Tell me more about that!”

How has motherhood changed you?

I tend to be more careful with my time, and patient with children in general. Family time is important to me and when I have to choose, family wins.

How do you banish stress?

Roller derby!! There is nothing like it in the world. The physical demands of the sport are great for working out stress. The mental demands of derby strategy take my mind off of whatever is bothering me. It is the best stress reliever I have ever encountered. Plus, being around a group of strong, independent, crazy women is just fun! When I’m stressed and it’s not a derby day, I put on some happy music and try to let go of whatever may be bothering me. Both strategies help me get perspective and allow me to look at whatever is happening from a different, and hopefully more relaxed, point of view.

What do you like most about your job?

I like that I can help people solve problems. As an information technology support person, people often come to me frustrated and ready to throw something out the window. I get great satisfaction from seeing their frustration change to relief and happiness.

What are you most proud of?

My son. He is funny and thoughtful and incredibly adorable. He makes me feel very lucky to have such a great kid.

What motivates you?

A good challenge motivates me. I like working on solutions to problems. This can be at work or play. I like word puzzles and figuring out new ways of doing old things. When things come easy, I get bored. My mother used to say “A bored Bethany is a dangerous thing.” She still says it.

How do you find balance in your life?

Compromise and cooperation. My husband is key in helping me balance my life. For example, he may not understand exactly why I play roller derby in particlar but he does understand that I love the sport and it makes me happy. Therefore, he arranges his schedule so that I can make most practice times. I do the same for him when he wants to play golf or have a night out. We are good at cooperating in that way.

Advice for other moms?

Have fun with motherhood. I didn’t realize how fun it was going to be. It’s important to embrace that.

What’s the biggest challenge in your life?

My biggest challenge is to live in the moment. We all lead busy lives and I find myself constantly thinking about what comes next instead of enjoying what is now. I am working on being that person who stops and smells the roses.

What is your parenting style?

My goal is to raise a responsible, selfsufficient, confident young man who appreciates the good in others and in himself. Sometimes, I wonder what kind of mistakes I am making but I try to stay positive and approachable. Sometimes I think I am too lenient and then I wonder if I am too strict. Hopefully, I am a good balance and role model for our son.

Favorite quote or advice about motherhood?

Life is short. Eat dessert first. I try not to sweat the small stuff and enjoy the experience. I don’t literally encourage my son to eat dessert before dinner—but I do try to make sure we have some fun “together time” every day.

Quick Facts about Beth:

  1. What are five words that describe you? Curious, analytical, independent, fun-loving, adventurous
  2. What can’t you live without? Variety. I crave change.
  3. What’s your favorite family outing? Eating out for breakfast. We do a lot of family bonding over pancakes, bacon, and syrup!
  4. What’s always in your handbag? Chapstick.
  5. What’s your guilty pleasure? My quest for the best mac & cheese. Right now, Louie’s is at the top of the list!

Mari Farthing is the editor of MetroFamily Magazine.

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