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Read Across America Day, by Jennifer

by Jennifer Geary

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Read Across America Day is coming up soon! In case you’re not familiar with it, Read Across America Day is a day to celebrate reading and it takes place on March 2—Dr. Seuss’s birthday.  The last few years we have celebrated  at home as well as at our local library.  (It looks like the Capitol Hill library will be holding their own celebration this year if you’re interested!)

Many schools hold special events for Read Across America Day with fun activities and guest readers. It’s not too hard to make some of that magic at home, though!

  • Guest Readers:  Ask grandma or grandpa or a friend to come share a story. If that won’t work, have your older kids read to the littles, or put on a disguise yourself and be your own guest reader!
  • Crafts: This Thing 1 & Thing 2 handprint painting is too cute.  My two year old thinks painting your hands or feet is the height of fun, so we’ll most likely fit this in. For older kids, try this pop up Cat in the Hat. There are many, many more ideas on The Crafty Crow!
  • Food: A party’s not a party without food, and Dr. Seuss-themed food is easy to do! Try Cat in the Hat parfaits or Green Egg Mini-Cakes. And whatever you make, it will definitely taste better if it’s served up on this Green Eggs and Ham snack tray—no, I haven’t made one, but it’s got me thinking of all kinds of ideas!
  • Games:  In the past, we’ve pinned the hat on the Cat in the Hat and tried to balance Ten Apples Up on Top. This Cat in the Hat dart game looks like something my son would really love!
  • Printables: If you’re looking for some Seuss School, check out the printables for several Dr. Seuss books at Homeschool Share.

You may be thinking that your older child is beyond Dr. Seuss, but the point of the day is to enjoy reading, so have some fun with it! Kids often like to revisit their old favorites. Use some of the stories to review rhyme and alliteration or have them try to write their own story, Seuss-style.  Make this an enjoyable day to share the love of reading!

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