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Put Factory Obscura’s “Cosmic Callback” on your family’s summer bucket list!

by Erin Page

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Since our first visit years ago, Factory Obscura has remained one of my kids’ favorite local spots. The immersive art experience is unlike any other museum in the area (“MOM! We can TOUCH the art?!??”) but it’s also broadened my kids’ understanding of what art can be and how creativity makes our world a better, more joy-filled place.

We jumped at the chance for a preview of Factory Obscura’s brand new experience, “Cosmic Callback: An Illuminated Interlude,” and the word that kept coming to mind as we watched art come to life was: magical! This mesmerizing light and sound show represents the journey to the heart of a star and back again. Created by a collaborative team of 10 artists, the experience lasts about 15 minutes and is enjoyed from some cool, comfy chairs (also art!), allowing you to gaze up through 3D glasses at swirling lights punctuated by a soundtrack. (My youngest said the experience reminded him a bit of holiday lights set to music, always a hit with my trio.)

While some of us enjoyed the way the light and sound experience made us feel (joyful! hopeful! energized!), my middle child had lots of questions about how the experience was created. For example. did the artists come up with the lights or the sounds first? Thankfully for his curious mind, we were able to ask some of the contributing artists and discovered that everything was pretty much created in tandem. In considering the lighting or the soundtrack, the team then asked, “What sounds would best represent this lighting?” or vice versa. Yet again, the team at Factory Obscura helped my kids not only appreciate new-to-them versions of art but also understand the process through which art is created. I love that this so often inspires them to create their own art!

“Cosmic Callback” will be on display through July 31, and my crew recommends adding it to your family’s summer bucket list, especially on those hot Oklahoma days. Tickets for the experience are $6 for kids 12 and under and $8 for 13 and up, and you can stay to enjoy the experience more than once. You can also bundle tickets for Mix-Tape and save $2.

We were all delighted to discover that Mix-Tape also includes several new elements, including a fantastical second slide. When asked what they love most about visiting Factory Obscura, my kids’ responses included: “You can touch all the art!” “It’s so unique and colorful!” “It feels like you’re in a dream!” “The slides are so cool!” “It’s so inspirational to experience art like this!”

We spent a little over an hour enjoying both Mix-Tape and “Cosmic Callback,” but could easily have spent longer (if mom didn’t have other pressing work obligations!) We will definitely be planning a return trip this summer!

Erin Page is managing editor of MetroFamily Magazine, an award-winning writer, a lifelong resident of OKC, wife to Jordan and mom to Addie, Hutch and Weston. She enjoys exploring our city, cooking and hiding from her kids to eat chocolate.

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