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Prom Night

by Rebecca Lucas

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A couple weeks ago, I went to dinner at one of the restaurants along Lake Hefner. It also happened to be prom night for several area school districts, which I quickly learned after arriving. While we were waiting for a table, I saw at least 50 prom dresses. Of those 50 dresses, I only saw about four that I thought were appropriate.

Apparently I am getting much older, because I was stunned at what I saw these young girls wearing. I honestly had no idea that prom dresses are now so short on the bottom AND the top! When did that happen? When I was a teenager, if I stepped out in the living room wearing anything remotely close to what these girls were wearing, my dad would have unflinchingly ordered me back to my room to change clothes immediately. Of course, seeing all of this quickly reminded me that someday my sweet little four-year-old will be picking out a prom dress of her own. The very idea of this makes me tremble with fear as there is no way she will wear anything even remotely close to what I saw that night.

I am not a person who judges other people. I only judge myself. I believe that moms should be able to purchase whatever they wish for the children. With that said however, I personally will not allow Addie to wear anything that is as short as what I observed that night or to wear 4-inch stiletto heels, which resulted in a good bit of humor as my company giggled while watching these girls attempt to walk in them. Addie, unfortunately, has acquired my clumsiness—so the concern over stilettos may not be anything to worry about in the end.

Honestly, I do not need to worry about this at all for the moment, but I think as moms, worrying is part of our nature, so things like this will come up from time to time. But as Addie grows up, I just hope the morals and values I instill in her now prevent an often heated debate for many moms about what can and will be worn to her prom. Am I the only mom who worries about things like this out there? I sure hope not.

For now, I will just try to worry about things that are more relevant to her age!

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