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Prepped Meals Make Dinner Easy

by Courtney Pryor

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Before I started my meal prep business, I was a kindergarten teacher. Then, after I had my daughter, I wanted more flexibility and time with her as she was growing up. Whenever I started thinking about other career options, I realized that every time I made a dish for a party, shower or even just at home, someone would ask to take it home for leftovers. I began to cook for a few friends and then it quickly became a business by word of mouth! I truly enjoy helping others and providing easy meals through Pryor Prepped Meals is the perfect way to explore this passion of mine.

Below are three reasons why using prepared meals can be helpful for busy families:

  1. Prepped meals are healthy and portion appropriate.  Many prepped meals can be described as “cleaned up comfort foods” because you can still enjoy the foods you love to eat, just with modified portions and ingredients!  Prepped meals also can be found as snack boxes and breakfast foods to cover the whole day.
  2. You will spend less time and money at the grocery store.  Buying all of the ingredients and spices for just one recipe can be tedious and the cost can add up. This is a common problem for people cooking for themselves or their families. So instead of buying ingredients for the whole week, you can buy prepped meals and be cooking less on your own!
  3. Instead of coming home from work to cook, you could have more time to relax with your family and friends.  Most of the time, the last thing any parent wants to do after a full day of work is to come home, cook a meal, and clean up afterwards.  Since prepped meals are ready to eat and have no clean up, this gives you more time for self-care, extra time to go for a walk outside, errands, or more moments to cuddle with your kids on the couch.

Courtney Pryor is an OKC mom and founder of Pryor Prepped Meals. A new menu is offered every week at or you can follow courtneywpryor on instagram to see more family, food and fun. The meals are $8.50 each or $7.50 if you order four or more.  Snack boxes and oats range from $5.50-$6.50.

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