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PreK Rocks!, by Kami

by Kami McManus

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Just like every parent out there, I have days when I wonder “Why do I do this?” or “Can I really do this?” or “What have I gotten myself into?” I think all parents question a decision they made about their children at some point. Whether it be about picking the right school., the right tutor, the right sports program, the right doctor, it is a parent’s job to worry about their kids. We all want what is best for them!

So on days when I am frazzled and wondering how I am going to get school done with both kids, take care of daycare kids, get the dog to the vet, get the kids to the various classes and lessons, and get dinner on the table in time for my husband to take our son to football practice, it helps to remind myself why we chose to do school at home. For me it is pretty simple:

My almost 5 year said “Mom, Prek rocks!” and every day is asking what we get to learn about or where we are going to go!
My almost 11 year old bragging about how he is gets to do school in pajamas or that his co-op is going to the Philharmonic!

Seeing my kids excited to learn and wanting to share it with the world reminds me why I do this! It reminds me that we made the right choice. It reminds me to stop worrying so much!

Our first day of PreK was a lot of fun. It was amazing to see how much she already knew and then even more awesome when she learned something new. She was so excited and proud and couldn’t wait to show or tell Daddy all about it. When you child is pretty much begging to do school every day and when you are done with the planned activities, she wants to do more, then I would say we are on the right track!

Another amazing thing to watch is how she uses what she learns. You can see and hear it when she is playing, when she is talking to other people (or her dolls!), when she is in the bath tub, when she is singing herself to sleep at night. It is truly a gratifying feeling as a parent to see the “fruits of your labor” so quickly! It reaffirms why schooling at home is right for us.


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