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Oklahoma City family fun: Christmas lights

by Callie Collins

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Oklahoma City family fun shines this time of year. 

The first sign of the season, for my sons at least, is Christmas lights going up around town. Familiar houses, the usual businesses and plain neighborhoods are transformed overnight into shining reminders that the holiday has arrived, if not yet on the calendar, certainly in the hearts and minds of those who marvel at them. 

"Look! Did you see it? That tree/house/church/store is decorated, mama!," I hear from the backseat with a chorus of excited shouts during practically any drive at night from November through December. 

"Saw it," I answer automatically, concerned with adult occupations like keeping my eyes on the road, looking out for everything that isn't beautiful Christmas lights. It's all a blur as we're going so quickly anyway. 

My baby is 10 months. This year is Gabriel's first Christmas and by the time he's blowing out his first candle, the season's bright lights will have faded. Unlike my other children, I'm not wishing away the baby days this time.  

I have to remind myself to slow down and take it all in with them. The holiday rush threatens to blind rather than illuminate. The backseat won't always have those high-pitched happy voices announcing each festive site.

I've read suggestions from MetroFamily's readers about fun-filled nights of cookies, cocoa and pajamas as they go to see light displays nearby. That sounds like a great memory, one that I want to create for these three little boys while they are still young enough to be lost in the magic of it all. 

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Click here for our Top Five OKC Lights Displays. If you have a suggestion for how to better enjoy the holiday season, email callie@metofamilymagazine.com and we just might feature it in a blog post.

Here's hoping the light of the season shines through! 

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