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OKC Date Night Reimagined at Flix Brewhouse

by Alondrea Love

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For many couples, date nights have become even more meaningful now that they may be less frequent during the pandemic and with so many social restrictions in play. My fiancé Jay is fantastic at planning date night and oh so creative. In fact, he’s SO fantastic and SO creative that when it’s my turn to plan date night, I completely stress out! Not that it’s a competition to see who can out-plan the other but simply that I put pressure on myself to give him amazing experiences like the ones he’s always giving me. But this week, thanks to Flix Brewhouse, I totally had date night in the bag.

If you’re not familiar with Flix Brewhouse, they’re the world’s first movie theater, eatery and microbrewery all in one, taking the movie-going experience to a whole new level. Beginning with their first location in Texas in 2011, Flix Brewhouse has now grown to 10 locations, with the newest just opened right here in Oklahoma City. I was excited to finally get to experience what I’d heard so much about.

I’ve got to say, I’m a total fan! Not to mention I landed major points with Jay for putting such a cool location on his radar! These were my favorite parts:

  1. The Gourmet Menu. Gone are the days of movie concessions limited to soft drinks and candy. Flix Brewhouse offers a flavor-packed, drool-worthy menu featuring glazed chicken wings, burgers, wraps, pizza and sweets like chocolate cake, old fashioned milkshakes and warm chocolate chip cookies. And, of course, warm, buttery popcorn.
  2. Theater Seating. Get comfortable because this is not your grandmother’s movie house. Every theater in Flix Brewhouse boasts large, posh, comfortable reclining seats with unobstructed views of the screen, meaning every seat in the theater is a good seat! And no more juggling your food and popcorn on your lap as each seat has a pull-out tray and cup holder for your meal and drink. Oh and forgot that straw? Need more napkins? Every seat is also equipped with a call button that summons an attendant who can bring you whatever you need during your movie. Perfect convenience!
  3. Fan Fest. This is the coolest thing! The brewhouse has taken the regular movie-going experience up a notch by hosting a monthly Fan Fest weekend for true movie lovers like me to indulge in cinematic nostalgia. Fan Fest highlights memorable films over the course of three nights, offering a themed dinner menu that coincides with the films they’re showing, and also includes discounted ticket prices and a free memorabilia pint glass.

In addition to what I loved about Flix Brewhouse, they’re also known for — what else — delicious beer that’s brewed in house. Surprisingly, they brew 12 beers on-site and have more than 20 craft beers on tap, as well as wines and ciders. And that still isn’t the best part! Not only is the staff incredibly attentive, they’re also very clearly committed to safety and health standards, putting us at ease throughout our visit.

So, whether for date night, moms’ night out or a different kind of movie-going experience, Flix Brewhouse brings something super unique to the city’s social scene and is most definitely worth visiting.

Alondrea Love is an Oklahoma City transplant from Los Angeles, CA, mom to three teenagers and can be found getting lost in the aisles of old book stores looking for her next great escape. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @alondrealove.

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