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New Year Goals

by Jennifer Geary

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The new year is here!  We started back to school Monday and so far things are going smoothly.  Thanks to my mom taking my kids for a few days over break I was able to get some major planning done for the semester and that always makes things easier!  I have a few goals I am working toward for this new semester.

  • Get back to our morning basketThis was working so well for us and then as we started fall field trips and fall break, it fell to the wayside.  I’ve found a few new things to add to our basket, too!
  • Starting at a consistent time:  I am aiming for us to start at 9:00 each morning.  Really, the exact time doesn’t matter so much as you can make your homeschool fit your schedule, but I tend to start on chores or other projects and get distracted and then we end up doing school much later than I would like.  I’m hoping to start earlier and finish in good time so that we have more of our afternoon free.
  • Putting finished work in its proper place:  Oh, my.  I’ve been so incredibly bad about this so far this year.  I spent an entire evening filing papers and putting things in notebooks and there are still a few straggling pieces to go.  This simply has to change!
  • Fun learning:  This semester my son is going to start participating in the LEGO Club offered at CurrClick and I am going to make an effort for both of my kids to start cooking more.  My husband works late several nights a week and I am hoping these will be fun ways to fill those long afternoons and evenings!

I hope your new semester is everything you want it to be!

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