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New Beginnings

by Rebecca Lucas

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“The love of a family is life's greatest blessing.” ~Author Unknown

Two years ago when I was going through my divorce, I donated most of the baby items that I had been saving for a second child. It seemed that my immediate family was going to consist of me and my daughter, which of course, I am grateful for her every day. It just wasn’t the scenario I had always planned. I remember feeling sad any time I heard anyone talk about love, babies and happiness. I felt like I had done something wrong, even though I honestly knew deep down that in order for me to have a shot of happiness someday, I did the right thing. Then, just like out of a romantic comedy, when I least expected to fall in love again, I did.

It has been a whirlwind, complete with its own ups and downs and adjustments for me, my five-year-old and my new husband. There have, and of course always are bumps in the road, but I am happy to report that our new family, complete now with the addition of our newborn baby girl, are doing better than ever. My five-year-old loves having a step-daddy who adores her and loves being a big sister! She is thriving and happier than I have ever seen her. Of course, seeing her happy makes my heart happy and is further proof that things do work out the way they are supposed to. One huge lesson I have learned over the past year, parenting is so much better and easier when you both work together. I no longer have to keep all the balls up in the air by myself anymore. There is someone right there with me to help me balance it all. As a control freak, this lesson took a while for me to learn!

With all of that said, my blog will now be focused on my new challenges of balancing my life with my wonderful husband, two sweet girls, my career, and all the other fun and crazy adventures along the way. These adventures provide me with a lot of blog topics that I am sure other parents are going through as well!

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