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Mission to Space

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Plan your mission to space in preparation to visit the Oklahoma History Center’s From Launch to Landing: Oklahomans in Space exhibit.

  1. Make a list of what you’ll need to take to space with you. What will you need to survive and what will you need to keep you busy? Visit okhistory.org/kids/space5.php to see typical items astronauts take into space and about famous Oklahoma astronauts.
  2. Then choose your favorite Oklahoma astronaut and research where they are from in Oklahoma, what mission(s) they went on and your favorite interesting fact about them. Draw a picture and, if OK with your parents, tag @okhistorycenter on Facebook so the Oklahoma History Center can see what you came up with!

Learn more about what you’ll see in Launch to Landing, including the Apollo command module, plus many other galleries at the Oklahoma History Center at okhistory.org/historycenter/exhibits. Find more Oklahoma History at Home activities at okhistory.org/historycenter/home.

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