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Math Games

by Jennifer Geary

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I've shared my game plan with you and some general ideas for getting started, and for the next few weeks I'm going to share some subject-specific resources that I hope will help you! This week, I'm focusing on math. There are many different areas of math including computation, geometry, measurement, etc. and when you also think about learning facts, number sense, reasoning, and all of those different parts of math, you realize that there are tons of possibilities for what you can focus on each week! I am trying to sort my resources into categories: review, current topics and stretches (concepts they're not ready to conquer on their own yet, but are good for some guided exploration).

My kiddos are five years apart, so this is obviously an area where I need to work with them individually. I do have some reliable books and sites I use for activities that cover all elementary ages, though, so at least that is simple for now! Some of my favorite resources:

Family Math: There are several levels (Family Math II, Family Math for Young Children, Family Math: The Middle School Years) of this series and I've enjoyed using them all. There are many good activities and most are fairly short and well explained. They also use items you have around the house, like toothpicks or beans, so there's no expensive or lengthy prep work.

Games for Math: Peggy Kaye books are wonderful because they help kids work on different concepts in a very gentle, playful way. The activities in this book are geared toward lower elementary students (K-3), but some of them could be adapted for older kids, too.

AIMS Center for Math and Science Education: I used several different AIMS books for science and math when I was in the classroom and my kids always enjoyed the hands-on activities and I always enjoyed the way they had to think things through. You can get free samples of their different activities on their website, and you can find good links on their Facebook page, too.

Mathwire: This site has a wide variety of activities that you can search by age, topic, or standard. There are games, activities to go along with books, seasonal math and more.

Laura Laura Candler has books available to purchase, but she also offers many free activities on her website. She covers many topics on many different levels, so this is a great site to check out if you have a variety of ages.

Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: I really can't say enough about how much I love this blog. I mentioned this site when I talked about general resources, but I wanted to mention it again because not only are there math games, but there are also activities that tie math into other areas, like music.  Showing kids how they're actually going to use all of this math stuff in real life is very important.

You may want to pull out a fun math book instead of playing a game. There are many good picture books that introduce mathematical concepts. Check here for some ideas.

I hope you've gotten some good ideas here of ways to enjoy math with your kids! Happy learning!

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