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Listen To Your Mother

by Mari Farthing

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I stepped out of my comfort zone. Waaay out of my comfort zone. And I shared a big piece of myself. That might not seem like a bit deal; after all, I blog here (and many other places) and I have for years; I’ve shared lots! But this is different. This time, I shared in person.

I auditioned for the Listen To Your Mother show, which will be here in Oklahoma City on Sunday, May 5. LTYM gives a voice to motherhood and helps to support local charities that support mothers. I’d first heard of it last year through social media (so many of the amazing women I know participated in shows in their cities) and then I met a few ladies who participated and I was smitten; I wanted to find a way to be a part of this show.

When OKC was announced as a 2013 city, I sat down and started to write my submission. I had written and edited it in my head already, but this time I committed it to the computer. And held my breath and waited.

And when the call for submissions came out, I worried over my submission and read it again and edited it and worried some more. And then I sent it in. And held my breath and waited.

And when I got the email that said that I was chosen to come in to audition, I jumped up and down and may have done a little LMFAO Party-Rock-style dance before I worried over my submission and read it again and edited it and read it out loud and laughed at myself and cried a little bit and edited it more and read it to my husband and edited it some more.

And the day of the audition, I was shaking. Freaking out. Nervous. Seriously nervous. Seriously? Yes. I’ve been on TV! I’ve spoken in front of big groups of people! I’ve given briefings to high-ranking military officers! Me? Nervous?

Yes. Because this time I was talking about something very personal. Sharing. And what if nobody liked what I had to say?

So, I got ready. I eschewed the business-like attire I had originally selected in favor of something more me: comfy boots, a jean skirt & a T-shirt that reads “Motherhood is not for the Faint of Heart.” I put on my 4-leaf clover necklace and my lucky charm bracelet (because I’m nothing if not completely superstitious) and grabbed my papers and hit the road.

In the car, I asked the magic of the shuffle to give me a song to inspire me (like I said; superstitious!), something to let me know that it was going to be okay; that making myself vulnerable was the right choice and verification that this was an adventure I was meant to take.

And the shuffle delivered me Karen Carpenter. And she reminded me: “don’t worry that it’s not good enough for anyone else to hear; just sing! Sing a song!”

So that’s what I did. I let me be me. I sang my song. I shared a little bit of myself with the ladies of LTYM, and now? I hold my breath and wait.

Learn more about Listen To Your Mother at The Oklahoma City LTYM show will benefit Infant Crisis Services, Inc. The cast of the Oklahoma City show will be revealed later this week.

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