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Learning Adventures—What Do YOU See?

Reading Time: 2 minutes 

Take a look at the incomplete figures pictured. What do you see? Choose one of these, or have someone create a figure for you. Set a timer for five minutes, let your imagination go wild and see what you can create.

What story can you tell? Can you create something unusual? Uncommon? Humorous? Does your drawing tell a story? Have two family members use the same figure and see how their final products differ. Tell stories based on your creations!

Did You Know?

There are commonly used challenges that test human creative potential. In addition to being fun, these challenges are used to provide insight into when, where and how people are most creative.

Images like this are frequently used to assess creative potential and are appropriate for any age, so the whole family can take part in this challenge. Where will your imagination take you? What do you see?

This Learning Adventures project is sponsored by Primrose Schools and Green Bambino. Activity idea provided by Oklahoma A+ Schools, the state’s only research-based whole school network with a mission of nurturing creativity in every learner. Learn more at www.okaplus.org.

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