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Learning Adventures—Mother’s Day Metaphors

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What powerful metaphor can you come up with to express to your mom how much she means to you? Every mother would be delighted to find out what her kids would choose. Surprise your mom on Mother’s Day by honoring her with a thoughtful metaphor.

Metaphors influence an idea with vivid expression and powerful images by comparing how one thing is like another (fur is like clothes for dogs). You may need to do a little research to be able to draw strong analogies to support your choice, but mom is worth it!  Some questions to get your started:

  • If your mom were a flower, what flower would she be? Why?
  • What if she were a pet, a fruit, a tree or a video game?
  • Older kids might consider developing metaphors about what city or state their mom would be, or what river or planet best represents their mother.

Kids of all ages can extend the fun of their Mother’s Day Metaphor by painting or drawing it, turning it into a poem, making it into a game or video, or even turning it into a dance or song.

Did you know…

Metaphorical thinking is incredibly important to generating creativity and problem solving in young people.  It allows children to use knowledge they already have as a support for building new knowledge. A good metaphor can convey a potent message in clear and meaningful ways.  Challenge your child by asking them to come up with a metaphor for mom to match each letter of the alphabet—what creative things will the say?

This Learning Adventures project is sponsored by Primrose Schools and Green Bambino. Activity idea provided by Oklahoma A+ Schools, the state’s only research-based whole school network with a mission of nurturing creativity in every learner. Learn more at www.okaplus.org.

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