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Learning Adventures—Heart Mapping

Reading Time: 2 minutes 

A heart map is a visual reminder of what you love and care about. To create yours, draw a large heart on a piece of paper. Within and around the heart, use your imagination and create spaces for things that are important to you—people, places, activities, and memories. Use words, drawings or a combination of the two to fill your heart completely.

Questions to get started:

  • What makes you happy?
  • What do you love?
  • What is the most fun you have ever had?
  • What memory is your favorite?
  • What things or objects are important to you?
  • What things in your heart make you sad?
  • What secrets are in your heart?
  • What small things or objects are important to you?
  • What activities do you love?

Did You Know?

Heart maps work to expand your mind and help you think broadly about what really matters. In her book, Awakening the Heart: Exploring Poetry in Elementary and Middle School, Georgia Heard suggests once a heart map is created, it can be used to inspire further story-making. What can you write about your life based on your heart map?

You can also frame it as a yearly memory of your life and what was in your heart at that time. Don’t forget to include the date!

This Learning Adventures project is sponsored by Primrose Schools and Green Bambino. Activity idea provided by Oklahoma A+ Schools, the state’s only research-based whole school network with a mission of nurturing creativity in every learner. Learn more at www.okaplus.org.

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